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Another sign of aging?

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Teacheranne Wed 19-Jun-19 12:01:54

I have just bought my first pair of Hotter shoes and they are so comfortable I wish I'd got them years ago! There was a 20% off offer which tempted me!

Bridgeit Wed 19-Jun-19 12:15:05

Me too, never thought I would😀definitely a mile stone in ageing, but soo comfy 👍

MiniMoon Wed 19-Jun-19 12:22:20

I've just throw out a pair of Hotter shoes. I'm afraid I ruined them, by going for a walk in very muddy bluebell woods. I'm now debating what to replace them with, Hotter again, or Sketchers.

Luckylegs Wed 19-Jun-19 12:24:15

I too have gone over to the dark side! Got several pairs now, so comfortable. I just ordered more yesterday! Oops!

Sara65 Wed 19-Jun-19 12:30:53

I’m a moshulu fan, very very comfy!

Alima Wed 19-Jun-19 12:32:23

Ah, if one doesn’t “get” Hotter does that mean the opposite? I won a pair of Hotter boots on here a couple of years back and was left feeling distinctly underwhelmed.

jaylucy Wed 19-Jun-19 12:36:51

I can't afford Hotters, but love my Skechers and Fly flots !

Squiffy Wed 19-Jun-19 12:49:38

Can't remember where I heard this (Victoria Wood?), but you know you're getting older when you look in a shoe shop window and think 'they look comfy'! grin

Lumarei Wed 19-Jun-19 13:07:19

I must have aged at age 18 😂
I have never been able to wear high heels for any other occasion than to sit at an office desk or stand for an hour at a cocktail party. For walking I have always worn comfy shoes.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 19-Jun-19 13:10:02

Well I brought a pair of "converse" trainers yesterday, which my AD has already got her beady eye on!!!! and keeps me as cool Grandma with the GC 😂👟👟

goldengirl Wed 19-Jun-19 13:40:07

Rieker or Remonte for me! Very comfortable and good choice