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A happy moment

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Jane10 Thu 20-Jun-19 13:03:50

Walking up through the woods from the bus stop today, I passed a young man letting his dog sniff around while he checked his phone. There was a yell of exultation. Next thing I heard him obviously on the phone, 'Mum I've passed! That's me through to second year medicine!'. I couldn't help calling back to congratulate him. He was so incandescently happy and so was his mum by the sound of it. I really wasn't eavesdropping as it was a very loud phone call. After phoning his dad (also at the top of his voice! ) He ran to catch me up and thank me for my good wishes. What a nice, happy young man and obviously very relieved. Big celebrations in that family home tonight!

EllanVannin Thu 20-Jun-19 13:08:04

That is so brilliant. I couldn't have held back either.

Septimia Thu 20-Jun-19 13:13:07

I bet he was delighted that you spoke to him! What a lovely encounter.

MiniMoon Thu 20-Jun-19 13:15:25

How lovely, well done that man!
I too had a happy phone call this morning. My 9 year old grandson called from his holiday in Wales, to thank me for the birthday wishes I sent yesterday to his mum's phone. I sent a little animation and apparently he had been really happy.

KatyK Thu 20-Jun-19 13:31:27

Lovely smile

Urmstongran Thu 20-Jun-19 13:57:03

Brilliant post Jane10 how wonderful you were there and got to share in his joyous moment!

Grannyknot Thu 20-Jun-19 14:04:16

I love chance encounters like that smile - a laugh, a comment, a touch of being human.

Luckygirl Thu 20-Jun-19 14:14:31

Ah..Bless! - as they say! smile

Doodle Thu 20-Jun-19 14:42:16

That’s really nice. A bit of joy for someone 😊

Glammy57 Thu 20-Jun-19 14:50:55

What a lovely post! 😊

crazyH Thu 20-Jun-19 14:53:29

Well done young man....he will make a very kind, sympathetic Doctor one day

Ginny42 Thu 20-Jun-19 15:30:03

It made me smile too, although he'll never know it! So lovely to hear of an ambitious young man doing well in his studies and achieving in life.

annep1 Thu 20-Jun-19 15:51:05

Lovely story 😊

Moocow Thu 20-Jun-19 16:20:34

How lovely!

Justme67 Thu 20-Jun-19 16:50:51

Brought a smile to my face, as it obviously did to everyone's. Hard work justly rewarded. Well done that man!

BradfordLass72 Fri 21-Jun-19 08:35:28


Mapleleaf Fri 21-Jun-19 10:50:38

Yes, a lovely story. 😁