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Longest day.

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Katek Sat 22-Jun-19 23:12:08

Thought some of you from further south might like to see how light it is in the north of Scotland tonight. I’ve just taken this pic two minutes ago from my bedroom window. It’s a beautiful evening.

NanKate Sat 22-Jun-19 23:31:43

I love the light nights. Great photo KateK.

gillybob Sun 23-Jun-19 01:10:08

Same here in the North East of England katek . I doubt it will get fully dark at all tonight.

paddyann Sun 23-Jun-19 01:41:11

it starts to get light again by 2am the birds will be singing anytime now .I remember sitting on the edge of the pavement when I was 14 with my friend at ten to midnight and it was still light .My mother always told us to be home before it was dark so I thought I'd get away with it chance .She may have been under 5 feet tall but she had a look that could scare grown men .I was grounded for a week .

BradfordLass72 Sun 23-Jun-19 02:58:37

Shortest Day for us but it is never light after 9pm even in high summer.
But it is Matariki now which heralds planting time and many celebrations.