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Mysterious Vibrations

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Rufus2 Fri 28-Jun-19 10:40:36

Recently one of my mobile phones, the one that accompanies me and Freda as an emergency back-stop on our outings in case she runs out of juice, ran out of time and needed topping up (cash!), necessitating a new SIM card and number, all done for me at the IPs shop.
Playing around with it I was most surprised to find it had two messages 1) a reminder from a dental practice that somone's account was overdue and if not paid would be handed over to their debt collectors.

2) far more interesting were 5 still photos showing a vibrator in action! After working out which was the best angle for viewing them I reckoned it was a a "selfie", thanks to recent explicit treatises on the subject lately on GN. It will make for an interesting discussion at the IP shop as to how this came about; not annoyed, just curious! hmmThey might even find some more "hidden" files. grin

GrandmaKT Fri 28-Jun-19 10:56:00

OMG! Do let us know how the tale unfolds!
(By the way, even though you are not annoyed, I would play it up a bit and you should get some free credit at the least. Some people would have been horrified).

callgirl1 Fri 28-Jun-19 16:49:09

Yes Rufus, kick up a fuss, that could have been a child looking at those pics, rather than a man of the world like yourself.

Doodle Fri 28-Jun-19 16:55:20

Perhaps it’s a new type of call reminder. Instead of the old way of the phone vibrating, they send you pictures instead 😱

Rufus2 Sat 29-Jun-19 10:23:03

Perhaps it’s a new type of call reminder
Oh!, yes please! I'd love to get selfies from the nurses as reminders of forthcoming appointments. It might pay to forget them even more! grin Although on second thoughts, the vibrating phone would be more noticeable; I usually keep mine in my trouser pocket. Cheers

ginny Sat 29-Jun-19 14:29:29

Oh for goodness sake Only you Rufus2 only you.

Rufus2 Tue 02-Jul-19 06:56:01

OMG! Do let us know how the tale unfolds!
It didn't! sad As our No.2 son, the matter-of-fact one predicted, the IP's answer was "Tough!" All I learned was how to "blacklist" (i.e. delete) anything. Stupid old git that I am! hmm