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Advice on a Pop of Colour in my kitchen.

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Coolgran65 Thu 04-Jul-19 21:43:48

I'd love to have advice and opinions on what colour to use for a 'Pop of Colour' in my very small kitchen.
The kitchen is a small galley shape, it is 12 years old and is still in fair condition, certainly not ready to replace it. When the dishwasher died we had guests arriving the next day, dh quickly went out and bought a slide in replacement thus getting rid of the kitchen door that had previously hidden the dishwasher.

The worktops are walnut woodblock pattern in laminate and are in perfect condition. Well dare anyone not use a chopping board !!
The floors are a greyish/brownish 'slate looking' tile.
The cupboard doors are an almond cream colour and the emulsioned walls match perfectly. All very matchy matchy. Last year I painted the end wall (not the door wall) a soft pale sage green, which was actually the sage green from the living room with a dollop of white thrown in. It is fresh but unexciting.

Last week I took a notion to paint the two end walls a bright colour and lime green came to mind. We have used lime green to accessorise in the bathroom i.e. roller blind, towels, etc. I have photographed a hand towel from the bathroom to show the colour.

Thing is, when I said to my dh he said, that's fine. Which is code for, whatever makes you happy (just don't trail me around shops or go on about shade and tone). He wants me to just reach him the paint and tell him where I want painted.

What do you think of this colour on each end wall?
Or please suggest another colour, I am open to ideas just not great with yellow.

bikergran Sun 29-Sep-19 08:56:07

I love before and after photos especially those that have done it themselves as a project, good on you smile

bikergran Sun 29-Sep-19 08:55:15

Making me now want to re vamp my kitchen.... hmm

annep1 Sun 29-Sep-19 08:30:25

Oh I think giving the curtains a shake now and again is fine. And dry cleaning every year.
We have a lovely colourful bowl on a kitchen worktop. It often contains sugarfree sweets, pokemon cards (or similar) magnifying glass. A small table at side of settee has a coaster, remote, sometimes paper and pen for Countdown. I see nothing wrong with that.
My MiL had her life on the coffee table - cigarettes, crossword book, playing cards (for patience) newspaper. I too used to say Put me down when I reach that stage, but why not keep them all to hand? She wasn't very mobile so it made sense.
I think some colours are horrible but generally its a personal thing. What one finds bland someone else might find calming.
Coolgran the floor is lovely.

GabriellaG54 Sat 28-Sep-19 23:44:29

should be hime

GabriellaG54 Sat 28-Sep-19 23:43:55

hime home

GabriellaG54 Sat 28-Sep-19 23:42:58

....I hate clutter ie: bowls for lipstick, glasses, keys etc dinky pots for a few broken stems, knick knacks...sorry.
Same in sitting room, in fact any room. IMO it's an 'old people's' habit, like having a table by your chair with glasses, tissues, remote, meds etc.
If I ever do that, I want to be put down.
Same as matchy matchy tie backs, cushions and curtains and worst of all...pelmets...yikes!! Anyway, curtains harbour dust unless they're vaccumed or washed weekly.
Sorry to say that wishy-washy colours do nothing to make a hime look interesting and inviting.
Cream, duck egg blue, pale green, almond or any mix of those colours, is bland. And eye-watering yellow is harsh esp in a galley kitchen and esp married with black and white.
Reminds me of the school kitchens of yesteryear.

LondonGranny Sat 28-Sep-19 23:08:58

I just put my twopenn'orth about avoiding red in case others came to this thread looking for ideas. smile Glad you found a blue that works beautifully in your kitchensmile

annep1 Sat 28-Sep-19 22:53:13

Painted wall is lovely. The kitchen is very nice Coolgran. I love cream doors.

Coolgran65 Sat 28-Sep-19 22:22:25

AllotmentLil thank you so much.

EVERYONE please note my kitchen has already had its treatment. I was just giving a final update.

PLEASE ..... No more advice needed as the job is done.
Even if some would like to change it further smile. smile

AllotmentLil Sat 28-Sep-19 21:37:21

I love your colour choice Coolgran! And the window “treatment” - love that you can ring the changes with it - girl after my own heart! We have a darkish blue end wall but the radiator is white - do you mind if I steal your idea and paint it the same as the wall? Looks soooo much better!!
I hope you love your kitchen for years to come, and if you don’t we’ll just change it! Not aubergine though!! 😁

Hetty58 Sat 28-Sep-19 21:25:25

I think the dark floor sucks a lot of light out of the room so I'd change it. The theory that plain light colours make a room look larger just doesn't work, though. With no interest or contrast, we just end up focusing on the size of walls and ceilings.

I'd suggest raspberry pink or maybe lavender on the end wall, with narrow picture ledges above the radiator for interesting prints or posters. I'd tile the side of the tall unit with reflective mirror tiles and add cheerful blinds. Ideally, I'd change the back door for a fully-glazed one for more light.

Coolgran65 Sat 28-Sep-19 21:00:53

Hey folks.
The kitchen wall has been painted in the dark blue. No more cream.

I went for a dark colour as suggested in earlier posts. It looks great and a bit 'different' .

Painting has been COMPLETED and I'm just showing the finished wall with clock

crazyH Sat 28-Sep-19 20:44:20

Coolgran, your floor tiles are exactly like mine. My kitchen cupboard doors are a light colour wood (not solid), forget what you call them. The walls are painted magnolia. Because of the dark floor, I think you should for light walls. Lots of good ideas here .

LondonGranny Sat 28-Sep-19 20:38:33

Red can attract blowflies (because it's the colour of raw meat) so I'd avoid it in a kitchen.

Coolgran65 Sat 28-Sep-19 20:34:10

Hi Everyone, I thought I'd come back and show you the finished back wall with it's new clock.

It was quite a shock when I looked at the original post and saw how 'cream' it all was.

Last month our oven died and was replaced which doesn't make any difference to the style of the kitchen. Next month we are having new cupboard doors and drawer fronts fitted. When looking about it became clear that with the walnut worktop and cream carcass we were limited to replacing again with cream, however they are of course a different style, quite plain.

Anyways, I'm rambling, Just wanted to show the clock and thank everyone. flowers

I definitely got a GN 'push' with regard to colours.

PageTurner Tue 16-Jul-19 05:18:14

*Coolgran*, I love the teal blue wall. I think that wall would look good with a large old style clock. Your kitchen window is very pretty. You have all the little bits that make you happy while washing up.
A lovely, cozy kitchen.

rosecarmel Tue 16-Jul-19 03:49:55

The teal looks lovely! The color combo reminiscent of breezy, coastal kitchens back east that although dark create a tranquil, low light environment especially on rainy, overcast days when color is vibrant- Wicker and rattan accents would blend well with the salty, sea blue walls and natural colored counters- Also love the leaded glass, frosted pane on the door and selection breaking up the window space-

rosecarmel Tue 16-Jul-19 02:40:48

I worked with professional painters and designers years ago in both new construction and old- Depending on the type of structure, lighting and design some colors worked better than others in each differently-

The color that Gabriella shared wouldn't work in the OPs kitchen, not even as an accent- It suggests "novelty" not "pop" in a traditional kitchen environment- It would work in a natural type design, with others shades of clay colors and earth tones as well as herbs and spices that blend together-

Here you can go to the paint store and leave a deposit on a paint swatch sampler that contains every paint color offered- Your deposit is reimbursed when returned-

Callgirls kitchen is "the tits"! Love it! Along with all the personal touches and choices- Totally lovely-

It takes more thought than physical effort and even money to pull it off- Sometimes even repainting what's just been painted- I had to do it in my kitchen when I painted it on impulse instead of instinct- Loved the color, but not that much of it .. ;)

callgirl1 Mon 15-Jul-19 23:52:44

GrannyLiv, that happened to us, but with wallpaper. We only needed one more strip, bought the right pattern and colour, but when we unwrapped it, it was embossed, not smooth. Hubby wouldn`t go back again, so we just hoped nobody would notice that corner!

GrannyLiv Mon 15-Jul-19 23:02:54

I know how you feel CoolGran I have had to live with some questionable decorating decisions because I didn't want to upset my other half.

The best (worst) was when we were painting the living room a lovely subtle green. Hubby had to go and get more paint because we'd run out. He got the right colour, but we had been using matte and he brought back softsheen. I only realised after I'd used up half the can and was wondering why the paint didn't seem to be drying to the same finish! Had to live with half the living room 'shiny' for about two years!!

Coolgran65 Fri 12-Jul-19 19:17:18

GrannyLiv we do have a Range within a half hour drive. I do love tulips and I especially love peonys (Peonies ??). I will definitely take a look in the next day or so. I had been thinking of Dunelm and forgot about the Range.

I do love the colour and am thinking of painting the porch wall with this. The porch is mostly glass.

As an aside, the porch was only painted inside about 2 months ago and I don't like it. Suffice to say, dh went to get a tin of the sage paint same as is in our living room. He had to go to Asda first and saw that they had green paint on offer and decided to go for it..... it was mint green and high shine.
Well, I guess I've seen a lot worse than the mint green (it might be the high shine that I don't like), I've stopped cringing every time I see it, but this dark blue will look great. If I ask dh to paint it blue he'll roll his eyes and just do it. But he thought he was doing a nice thing getting the mint green so I want to time it nicely and not undermine his mint green choice smile

GrannyLiv Fri 12-Jul-19 18:20:06

If you have a 'Range' near you, they have lovely artificial yellow tulips in a glass jar. And also a yellow peony arrangement.

GrannyLiv Fri 12-Jul-19 18:15:13

That is lovely CoolGran it looks very smart. I have a similar colour in the hall (only slightly darker than yours) and I love it.

Coolgran65 Fri 12-Jul-19 09:07:53

Auntieflo never throw out a drop of paint or a piece of fabric smile
Wouldn't be the first time I wrapped a piece of fabric, or a scarf, around a vase to make it go with the decor.

Auntieflo Fri 12-Jul-19 09:01:21

Coolgran you sound like a girl after my own heart. When the children were small, and I used to make a lot of their clothes, my friend once said, “if you had half a yard if spare fabric, you’d cover the three piece suite”
Well done for going with a dramatic Teal, and have fun accessorising .
Did you see George Clarke, last night?. He visited a paint manufacturer, and had the most gorgeous deep blue colour mixed to order. Called it George’s Brixton Blue.