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moving house

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Ellen80 Mon 08-Jul-19 12:28:25

My OH and I are not particularly happy in this house and are considering moving. We are both healthy at the moment but feel we should look to the future and buy something, somewhere, which would be easier to maintain. we are not ready for a retirement home but wonder if anyone has found an alternative. I would like a friendly community and, of course, convenient shops and facilities. Can anyone advise, please.

Tedber Mon 08-Jul-19 19:03:18

Hi Ellen80. Difficult for anyone to give you any replies as we have no idea where you live and what you want to spend.
What about a lodge in an exclusive caravan park. A friend once stayed in one and said everyone seemed to get on well as it was a constant holiday atmosphere plus there was a pub/restaurant and shop on sight and more shops in the village. They also had regular entertainment and a swimming pool. However, the lodges weren't cheap and I think you still have to pay site fees? They could be occupied all year though.

Also saw some amazing barges on a canal with people living in them. One woman I spoke with was in her 60's and said they took off all over the country. Depends on whether you feel up to all that?

Good luck Ellen. Hope you find what you are looking for.