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annodomini Wed 10-Jul-19 10:07:51

I'm a world-class procrastinator. At the moment I am putting off ironing a duvet cover.
What are you putting off?

CarlyD7 Thu 11-Jul-19 10:02:04

Literally everything because there's a long list of "things to do" that make me sigh loudly at the thought and want to sleep instead. Have realised that I haven't been giving myself enough fun lately - life is feeling very stale.

GabriellaG54 Thu 11-Jul-19 10:09:52

A suggestion: write down each put-off job on a separate bit of paper m, fold it and put in a small box
Take out 1 piece and complete that job in the next 48 hours then throw the paper away. Carry on the same way with all the other bits of paper. You then only have to concentrate on one and not be faced with a whole list.
Good luck shamrockgrin

GabriellaG54 Thu 11-Jul-19 10:10:23


Hm999 Thu 11-Jul-19 10:11:37

Have really struggled since Christmas with getting jobs done. But have been really poorly the last ten days, and done nothing but the absolute minimum.

But today? Up, out, dogs had first decent 'normal' walk since I was taken ill, shopping done, charity shop visited with bag of books, long bath, hair washed and am sat in front of TV watching cricket. Tennis will be monitored on tablet later. Happy days.

Have a good Thursday, girls.

coast35 Thu 11-Jul-19 10:13:58

Clearing out my wardrobe. There are things in there that haven’t seen the light of day since Noah was a boy! I just keep saying to myself I’ll do it tomorrow.
Then there’s the freezer which is choc a bloc with goodness knows what! But here I am on Gransnet again!

nanamac77 Thu 11-Jul-19 10:14:25

Putting off inviting anyone round. The thought of visitors is the only thing that galvanises me to clean the house.
Now let me see, the last time anyone came round was 3.. 4,..5.. weeks ago... or was it more....?

lmm6 Thu 11-Jul-19 10:15:49

Painting the garden bench
Weeding front garden
Mopping floor
Taking cuttings in garden
Changing bedding
Pretty much everything.
Agree with Day6 - there's always tomorrow. Must admit I'm getting lazy. A friend of mine (in her 80s) told me she felt she had just let the last 20 years drift and I'm afraid of doing the same. It's the lack of energy really.

Squiffy Thu 11-Jul-19 10:19:16

GabriellaG write down each put-off job on a separate bit of paper m, fold it and put in a small box

I love your optimism - 'a small box' Ha ha ha!!! I'd need a shipping container.

Sadly I think I belong in the Beyond Help group hmm

I can't keep blaming being on GN . . . or can I?

Blinko Thu 11-Jul-19 10:19:31

Claiming some overpaid tax back from HMRC, I've started, so I'll finish....eventually.

Grosvenor Thu 11-Jul-19 10:22:09

I've managed to put off ironing anything for three years. What a waste of time and energy it is.

Itsmyfirstrodeo Thu 11-Jul-19 10:35:22

Gabriella54 what a wonderful idea. I shall try that.
My list is long and varied, but at the top is weeding the allotment, if you could eat weeds, they wouldn't grow half as quick!

mamaa Thu 11-Jul-19 10:35:55

The washing up, going into the garden and collecting up all the weeds I pulled up yesterday on return from holiday...

Diggingdoris Thu 11-Jul-19 10:42:35

Going to the dentist, six years overdue!
Painting the back gate and the garage door. Waiting for a dry day but then it's too hot to stand in the full sun.

seadragon Thu 11-Jul-19 10:47:12

Funny that this is the second item about procrastination that I have seen on line yesterday and now today. I must complete an application for funding for a not for profit scheme to provide professional support for service and ex-service families. It must be submitted next week. We have been developing the project for 6 years and now funding is available which our project perfectly. I was very ill for a virus for 3 weeks last month so was unable to do anything. There have been other stumbling blocks along the way but the truth is, I am a serious lifelong procrastinator. I practise all the tips here and on the previous post but here I am on Gransnet, hiding....

lovebeigecardigans1955 Thu 11-Jul-19 10:53:59

Hurray! I did the ironing early and was washed and dressed before 9.30 which makes a change. There's still the damn vacuuming and dusting.

WoolleySue Thu 11-Jul-19 10:56:50

Septimia : me too! I try to get my work done in the mornings, so that I can sit down and watch Wimbledon all afternoon... had to go out yesterday at 6, and missed the end of the Federer match!

midgey Thu 11-Jul-19 11:00:48

Even now I am mowing the lawn.....not!

HannahLoisLuke Thu 11-Jul-19 11:02:25

I'm also putting off getting the hedge trimmers out to trim a very large privet shrub. I have to get up a step ladder to reach the top and I just can't be arsed.
Only did the blasted thing a month ago and it's all shaggy again.

Davida1968 Thu 11-Jul-19 11:04:55

At this particular moment, I'm putting off tidying the kitchen after breakfast, (DH made the breakfast.) I'm having too much fun, fannying about on Gransnet!

travelsafar Thu 11-Jul-19 11:28:04

I too do the bare minimum of ironing.Everything gets folded as soon as off the line, undies and sock straight in the drawer. t shirts on hangers or over the bannister if i cant find a hanger trousers on hangers only special things for going out in get the feel of the seam iron, just cant be bothered anymore I have too many other interesting things to do instead. I love my garden and my knitting, i love reading or listening to audio books, i love my Tv , so many good series and films to watch plus of course all the political senanigans!!!! Not really interested in watching sport, but love playing bowls, going to my various social groups and generally being out and about. I do dither over things like clearing cupboards and wardrobes, even though i know life would be easier if i just did it!!! lol. Daren't look under the bed either. Who knows what lurks there. Glad to know there are so many of us with the same ability to procrastinate!!! smile

Mistymorningstar Thu 11-Jul-19 11:46:42

I haven't ironed since my son left home, and do very well without it. What i have got really lazy about is filing. There is a pile waiting for me to address - and it is massive.

Amry64 Thu 11-Jul-19 12:04:57

Oh yes! Like the previous person, I like to do admin work so have spent the morning at the computer. I always put off getting dressed - it's such hard work, shower, teeth, clothes, make-up etc. If I don't have to go out I'm often in my nightie all day! Comfort before criticism! Now it's stopped raining I might go and do some gardening (or I might not!)

optimist Thu 11-Jul-19 12:27:14


goldengirl Thu 11-Jul-19 12:30:22

Washing a load of towels - very unexciting and it will have to be done again next week. Then emptying dying flowers - equally boring though they've given us much pleasure these last couple of week. Oh yes, filling the bird feeders. I'd much rather chill out and read or do some activity I really enjoy.

Purplepoppies Thu 11-Jul-19 12:46:17

Ending a FWB relationship that is very one sided....
I'm more interested than he is sadly.