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Diane227 Sat 13-Jul-19 16:00:14

We took our grandson ten pin bowling recently. He loved it but I was shocked at how scruffy the venue was. The carpet around the seating areas was filthy and the bowling balls felt dirty. The decor hasnt been changed in the 15 years that ive lived in the area.
We also went to the cinema to see Toy Story Four. It was the same story here. Grubby seats and a funny nasty smell.
None of these activities are cheap. I think its about time these places provided better value for money.
I dont want to spend my time in these scruffy environments.
Any thoughts.

M0nica Sat 13-Jul-19 16:02:22

How many people were there? Possibly not enough people are using the venue for the owners to be able to afford to renovate, or they are not being renovated because they will probably close down soon.

Minniemoo Sat 13-Jul-19 16:15:22

We went 10 pin bowling once with the children. It was quite a new venue and it was awful. Dank smell. Grubby. Sticky table top. This was in a beachside area with lots of restaurants and cinemas. Not a deprived are at all. But I wasn't happy there at all. Those awful shoes you're supposed to wear .... who knows whose feet had been in them. Just an unpleasant experience all round. Luckily the children weren't keen so we didn't go there again. So I quite agree with you. And yes ... it's certainly not cheap.

Alima Sat 13-Jul-19 16:26:11

Only been 10 pin bowling once, years ago when the venue was quite new so squeaky clean. Do remember going on Euro Star for a birthday treat. DH up graded to first class so we had wine, newspapers etc but my abiding memory is of worn carpets and seats, all very tired looking. Didn’t detract from my enjoyment though.

EllanVannin Sat 13-Jul-19 16:35:32

Places need a good scrubbing. Surely hiring cleaning equipment wouldn't be that expensive. People aren't going to visit these places if they stink and aren't clean.
I don't understand this need not to be clean and fresh.

EllanVannin Sat 13-Jul-19 16:39:15

On the odd occasion that I eat out ( and it is odd, about once a year ) I take Dettol wipes for the table and cutlery. Any thought of filth puts me off eating.