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Any other GNrs got grandaughters/grands ons going off to the World Scouting Jamboree today?

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Gonegirl Sat 20-Jul-19 12:38:46

Grandson's group at meeting up point.

Bellanonna Sat 20-Jul-19 12:59:07

No, Gonegirl, grandson only 6. Hope your DGS has a wonderful time. Where is he in the pic?

annodomini Sat 20-Jul-19 13:08:25

Don't think so. 16 y/o DGD is some kind of senior scout and a qualified cub leader, but as far as I know her summer is going to be taken up with Army Cadet camps.

mcem Sat 20-Jul-19 13:45:57

I remember when DS, then 14, headed off to the jamboree in Denmark.
Had a call to say "Don't worry but.........."
A group had been sitting under a tractor - as you do - when DS sat up abruptly and whacked his head on the underside. Lots of blood and two stitches!
No further problems but as his hair is now thinning the scar may reappear!
Despite that he had a terrific time!
Hope your GS has an excellent experience!

Gonegirl Sat 20-Jul-19 13:48:50

Bellanonna he is the fourth person from the right, including adults, in the back row. (Hair in a man bun)

Gonegirl Sat 20-Jul-19 13:49:49

They all look gorgeous though. Bless 'em. smile

jusnoneed Sat 20-Jul-19 14:13:04

My friends granddaughter is going, saw the proud Gran photos yesterday, she is really looking forward to it.

My friends son went about 15 years ago, Thailand if I remember correctly, I know he had a wonderful time.

Bellanonna Sat 20-Jul-19 16:41:10

Tks Gonegirl, I see him. I hope they all have a great time.