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Wonderful find

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Willow500 Sun 28-Jul-19 12:18:16

I was looking through the Facebook group for my old home town this morning and found a school photo from 1932. I was absolutely delighted to see my mum on it aged 12 - the youngest photo I have of her! My sons are equally thrilled and as my youngest said how amazed would she have been back then to think that her 44 year old grandson would be able to see it on the other side of the world! The wonders of technology smile

farview Sun 28-Jul-19 12:34:27

Lovely story...

Brunette10 Sun 28-Jul-19 13:09:26

Yes that is such a lovely story and obviously made you/family feel very happy so that's a good thing. Well done Facebook.

Mapleleaf Sun 28-Jul-19 22:08:00

How lovely, Willow. It must have been quite exciting as well as emotional, seeing it! Something to treasure. 😁

NotAGran55 Sun 28-Jul-19 22:36:11

How wonderful smile

SirChenjin Sun 28-Jul-19 22:40:53

Lovely story! smile

We found an old video of my friend was sadly died 10 years ago leaving 4 children and DH transferred it to a file that my daughter was able to email to her daughter - it was the first time this young woman had heard her mum’s voice in those 10 years. Technology can be a wonderful thing

jogginggirl Sun 28-Jul-19 22:48:49

Love this 💕

rosecarmel Sun 28-Jul-19 23:15:32

Awesome story in so many ways .. How did you know it was your mum? I've a class photo of my mum in 1st grade- And first time I saw that photo back when I was small I knew which child she was straight away- Her eyes, her expression, the shape of her face ..

crazyH Sun 28-Jul-19 23:20:04

How wonderful 👩‍❤️‍👩

Willow500 Mon 29-Jul-19 06:46:21

rosecarmel I have a photo of her in the same school taken some years later so was able to pick her out instantly. It was lovely to see her smiling as I know she felt very insecure as a child growing up in near poverty - she won a scholarship to the school but her mum couldn't afford proper shoes for her so she had to wear boots which she hated sad

Sharing the picture with my elder son on WhatsApp started a long conversation about family resemblances which sometimes aren't apparent at the time. Looking at Mum so young I can definitely see myself in her face. Still can't get over the pure chance of finding the picture!

Grammaretto Mon 29-Jul-19 07:30:01

That's such a wonderful thing to find!
While preparing for a family reunion, (Descendants from gt grandparents who had 12 children)
A cousin produced a photograph taken at their diamond wedding in 1916 which I had never seen. There was my dad aged about 4 and looking quite like his gt grandson!
It's true about technology but we must keep our sense of awe.