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Scam BT calls

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blondenana Thu 01-Aug-19 14:01:10

I have had 2 calls supposedly from BT saying there is a problem with my internet, the scary thing though is that he called me by my name,
Has anyone else had these calls, when i said i am not with BT he said if you hng up we will have to call you again and again and again
I am not with BT and there is nothing wrong with my internet

aggie Thu 01-Aug-19 14:04:32

I am getting recorded calls , had three already today , saying my internet is to be cut off due to suspicious activity !I just hang up , then wait till the next one and now I am letting calls go to the answer machine , they hang up lol

Merseybelle2 Thu 01-Aug-19 14:09:40

Don’t get upset by this threatening guff ! These people are out and out thieves and scammers. At the moment we are plagued by calls some automated saying press 1 as £600 has been spent fraudulently on your credit/debit card and various others including the BT internet your broadband is going to be disconnected. They have your name probably from an old BT phone book as most of us can remember when BT was the only phone line in town. Don’t give these people any details or even respond. As soon as you hear rubbish like this just put the phone down. The telephone preference service is useless and unable to block these calls the majority of which are from overseas. As to him threatening to keep calling tell him to go forth and multiply and think about buying a call blocker phone. Don’t be spooked by these creeps.

Candelle Thu 01-Aug-19 14:27:43

Merseybelle2 is correct; the TPS are useless as most of these calls come from abroad although they look as if they have a UK number.

Unfortunately, once we are 'on the books' of a scammer, we are sold on to others, so the calls are likely to increase. Just ensure that you know there is nothing the matter with your internet/bank account or credit card. Additionally, you have not been left a fortune in Nigeria!

We think we are fairly astute but were almost... taken in by a caller, 'Detective Xyz, calling from Xyz police station' advising I had left my debit card in a cash withdrawal machine. He had my name, telephone number and the branch he mentioned was close to where I had been shopping. It was only when he asked for the card number and my husband said 'but you have the card, therefore you have the number' that there was a click and the chap disappeared and crawled back under his stone.

I think that people of our age are soft targets as we respect authority and if a policeman asks for information, it is only polite to give it to him! Just remember, these people are not real policemen. Don't be taken in.

glammanana Thu 01-Aug-19 15:13:59

The chap who phoned us last week said he had a position of high importance within BTs Head Office and was calling me personally as he didn't want me to loose my connections to my devices.
I kept him on the phone as long as I could thanking him etc for his kindness then sadly told him after a while I was not with BT or owned any other devices except my landline phone,he was not very pleased but the longer I "chatted" to this scumbag the less time he would have to upset someone else who wasn't as clued up.

wildswan16 Thu 01-Aug-19 15:50:46

Unfortunately you probably will get more calls - they will all be from different numbers so are hard to block. As soon as you hear the voice just put your phone back down.

Some people like to engage them in pointless conversation just to get their own back - but that is up to you.

If you have call display you may decide not to pick up at all if it is an unknown number to you. These calls tend to come in batches - you get two or three for a few days and then none for a while. There really seems to be no effective way to stop them.

SalsaQueen Thu 01-Aug-19 16:38:22

I had one too, from someone claiming to be from BT. I told him not to bloody well ring me ever again, and then I blocked the number (he rang my mobile, I never give my landline number to anyone)

KatyK Thu 01-Aug-19 16:41:01

We get several recorded ones from BT and Talk Talk. We are not with either.

NanTheWiser Thu 01-Aug-19 17:09:00

Agree with all the previous replies, I had one yesterday, (not for the first time), and just hang up when I realise it's a scam caller. I can block numbers on my landline, but they simply use a different number each time. Pests.

Judy54 Thu 01-Aug-19 17:22:59

Yes I get these calls constantly too and they are a real nuisance. I always put the phone down straight away and never engage in conversation. Trying to establish if the call is genuine (mostly not) can be difficult. Our Bank starting calling us to say it is time for your Annual financial health check. It frightened the life out of me as my Husband is ill and the only words I heard were health check.
When I regained my composure I told them that the only health checks my Husband needs is at the hospital and that the terminology used was inappropriate . I asked them to note on file that we did not want these calls but they still keep coming. So even when they are genuine they are still a nuisance.

HurdyGurdy Thu 01-Aug-19 17:24:58

These kinds of calls are exactly why we never answer our landline any more. All we got was these scam calls or sales calls. I'm STILL waiting for the FBI to perform their raid on our property which was promised in one such recorded call several years ago. I never did pay that amount they claimed was outstanding and lived "on the edge of my seat" for weeks afterwards, looking very much forward to a visit from the law enforcers from across the pond.

I still get the "you've been in an accident that wasn't your fault" calls on my mobile. I stay silent and eventually they disconnect the call, and the number gets added to my blocked list.

I enter a lot of competitions and have a dedicated email address I use for signing up to newsletters and an old PAYG phone if needed, so any companies that choose to sell my details on will never get in touch with me, as I don't answer any calls on it.

Candelle Thu 01-Aug-19 18:51:57

Interestingly (well, I think it is interesting!) my daughter was involved in an accident - no damage done and no one hurt (someone backed into the side of her car in a car park).

Apart from receiving scam calls trying to get her to claim for non-existent injuries, she had several calls from her OWN insurer, advising that she should claim 'lest she become ill with a now non-apparent injury'. They are all at it!

My daughter, being an honest upstanding type, refused to claim for anything but apparently she could have received £8,000.

Oh, the woman motorist that drove into her DID claim. 3mph and no damage but this person still claimed an injury.

trisher Thu 01-Aug-19 19:46:42

I've had loads of these. i find answering with things they don't expect the best policy. Most of them work to a set response formula and once you start saying different things they hang up