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Holiday company crash

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Merseybelle2 Fri 02-Aug-19 09:45:47

I just saw on the news the firm that owns Late Rooms and the Superbreak sites has gone down the grid. I feel so sorry for people on holiday with them or who have booked and are expecting to go away. Are any GN’s affected by this ?

Pantglas1 Fri 02-Aug-19 20:41:55

A friend booked a London theatre break as her twin sister’s 70 th birthday treat for them both at the end of this month and paid by debit, not credit, card.

I know she’s scrimped and saved for months to do this, missing out on lots of outings etc with our other friends and she is so upset about it, she could hardly speak on FaceTime this morning.

EllanVannin Fri 02-Aug-19 20:45:51

Imagine being stuck out in the sticks somewhere. I always feel for people who are left in this predicament.

NotAGran55 Fri 02-Aug-19 21:21:52

Pantglas your friend will probably be ok as the company was ABTA protected .

Pantglas1 Sat 03-Aug-19 06:25:38

So I believe NotAGran55.

I’ve tried for years to persuade her to have a credit card purely for protecting purchases over £100 but she had bad experiences with them during her marriage to a rather feckless husband. She’s not had one for the last 15 years since their divorce although her credit rating should be ok now.