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Question for wild life experts!

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Oldwoman70 Mon 05-Aug-19 11:17:51

There is a thrush which visits my garden every day (I assume it is the same one). It lands on one specific part of the lawn, pecks at it, circles it and then sits there for ages. Is this normal behaviour and if so why does it do it? There is nothing unusual about that particular patch of the lawn.

Elegran Mon 05-Aug-19 11:44:17

Maybe it knows that under the surface there is something worth eating, and is hopeful that it will surface. There may be a nest of bumblebees with juicy grubs, or perhaps some leatherjackets (the larvae of daddylonglegs or craneflies, which lay their eggs in the lawn).

MiniMoon Mon 05-Aug-19 12:27:33

It's probably waiting for something juicy to emerge. The thrush that visits our garden is after the snails.

BlueBelle Tue 06-Aug-19 05:48:38

Its waiting for worms they often do a little dance with their feet to attract the worms to the surface