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Long overdue holiday- any ideas for stayvaction?

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DoraMarr Tue 06-Aug-19 19:58:03

Spend the money you would have spent on a holiday paying someone skilled to do it for you ( unless you really like decorating.) Book an advisor in a big department store and plan a makeover. Go for long walks. Take a train to somewhere (fairly near) you have never been before. Visit a gallery or a museum, and have lunch there. Go to a matinee concert or play. Walk around your neighbourhood, noticing things you are usually too busy to notice: architecture, gardens, shops. Go out early and have breakfast.
Actually, that sounds like my week!

Purpledaffodil Tue 06-Aug-19 19:55:42

Don’t decorate. DIY decorating expands to fill the time available IMHO. Reading, mild TV watching, meeting friends, sleeping later. All will be relaxing. Like retirement but time limited. 🤣

J52 Tue 06-Aug-19 19:48:47

Book yourself into a local spa for the day and have a few treatments.
Visit a lovely hotel or cafe that does afternoon tea.
Spend a day binge reading or catching a box set.

ineedamum Tue 06-Aug-19 19:43:21

I haven't had a week break from work in over a year and am exhausted.

I have booked the end of August and don't want to go away- I just want to sleep! I may decorate - been putting it off for ages- what else can I do?

I need rest but dont want mundane things