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Fake or Fortune

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Tweedle24 Fri 16-Aug-19 12:22:15

I have been watching Fake or Fortune and find the detective work fascinating. However, I think it very sad that the value rests in the artist, not in the painting itself.

Surely, a painting, skill pfully executed and loved by the owner is as valuable if painted by Joe Bloggs as by Michaelangelo?

It just, to me, shows that art is not sold for its aesthetic qualities but purely for investment. I think this is a great shame.

Tweedle24 Fri 16-Aug-19 12:22:45


Luckygirl Fri 16-Aug-19 12:24:18

Yes - I always think that too - and on Antiques Road Show. None of it makes any sense at all!

Namsnanny Fri 16-Aug-19 12:51:44

More over, just a small group of people authenticate he painting forever sealing its fate!

Art has always been about the money.

Jane10 Fri 16-Aug-19 13:47:18

Yes it is all about the money. If an artist is lucky these days the art insiders and influencers will lead to prices being paid for huge sums while other really good painters can hardly scrape by. It's a strange world.

BradfordLass72 Fri 16-Aug-19 23:37:59

I once had a hilarious correspondence with art faker (not forger) Tom Keating. I still have his letters.

He told me he had once witnessed, "a piece of soiled toilet paper, exquisitely framed and signed "Peter de Krappen" sell at auction for £8,000 (in 1973), "to a rich young couple with more money than brains".

BlueBelle Sat 17-Aug-19 05:40:10

I agree with what you have written Tweedle people are buying a name not a picture they could put a dot on the paper and if it was a ‘name’ it would command a big price
I hate the way this world is ruled by money alone and it all is

JessK Sat 17-Aug-19 09:45:07

I remember the Tom Keating programmes on the TV. They were fascinating. He was so clever.