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midgey Thu 05-Sep-19 20:04:41

I have failed as a parent! My son is an intelligent man, he’s had a good education and worked hard ending up as an accountant. Today I hear that he has only just found out that the House of Commons do not have a weird system of counting the eyes and the noses shock. Made me laugh out loud when I read the WhatsApp!🤣🤣🤣🤣

MawB Thu 05-Sep-19 20:07:11


PamelaJ1 Thu 05-Sep-19 20:07:14


Elegran Thu 05-Sep-19 20:29:01

Under that system there would be twice as many eyes as noses. That would get bills passed more effectively.

Sussexborn Thu 05-Sep-19 20:53:06

Have had a miserable few Amy’s but that made me laugh out loud which made my OH jump as he was watching tv with his eyes closed but assured me that he wasn’t snoozing!

lemongrove Thu 05-Sep-19 20:54:52

midgey....he’s having you on (isn’t he?) 😁

Grannybags Thu 05-Sep-19 20:55:03


cornergran Thu 05-Sep-19 21:31:19

Still laughing here. Needed that. My thanks to your son 😀😀😀

midgey Thu 05-Sep-19 21:57:31

lemongrove My daughter was relating the story to an office colleague.......turns out he wasn’t the only one! 🤣🤣🤣