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Raging! Disgusting people

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Jane10 Fri 06-Sep-19 11:45:52

My DiL and DD run a serviced apartment business. They work very hard and the apartments have just been refurbished to a high standard. Most occupants are nice people and they have lots of return business.
Yesterday a family checked out and SiL discovered that this group had comprehensively trashed the place. New furniture ruined and even filth up the walls. What animals!! It will take days to clean and refurnished as well as being unlettable in the meantime. I'm just ranting really. How can people think that's somehow OK or that they can get away with it?! They will be charged for the destruction of this property but would then put nasty reviews on websites. Luckily DD photographed all the ruined rooms so could happily post them. Maybe insurance might help as it's not exactly normal wear and tear.
Some people!!! angry

sparkynan Tue 17-Sep-19 17:30:24

My DD has rented for the last 9 years, she is desperate to move to a quiet house with a garden, and although she has a guarantee and I own my house out right, no one will rent to her. the estate agents never ring back, as soon as they hear housing benefit (universal credit) that's it, they don't want to know.
My daughter keeps herself, her children and her home spotless. she works 20 hours a week and has never got into debt. she was given notice on her first rental, our local council told her, the only way she would get a local authority home is to refuse to leave and go through the eviction route. she declined to do this as she didn't want to hurt the land lord or have a bad credit rating. Luckily she managed to rent an ex council flat, she has been there for 4 years, but hates it due to some of the other tenants and their antics. she would be someones perfect tenant! given the chance.

moonlight Sun 08-Sep-19 08:16:04

as a tenent i have had expereince of a bad landlord having moved out of a rented flat after five years i had the flat cleaned by a company and it was left spotless, but the landlord tried to withhold our deposit saying we had damaged the carpet, the damage he refered to was a stain which was already on the carpet when we moved in and on the check in infantry as our deposit was held by the DPS we went to arbitration and they accepted our claim that the stain was already there and we got our deposit back in full if your DD knows where the ex tenants are she should take them to court for the damage its worth a try

Guineagirl Sun 08-Sep-19 07:59:45

Sorry also I empty bins and take my rubbish home as they are not slaves to my existence.

Guineagirl Sun 08-Sep-19 07:57:55

How awful for you and them and I don’t understand either, probably jealousy I don’t know of the legal comeback for them and what to do. I know this must be hard work for them as when I stay anywhere like b and bs I always think of the work getting it ready for the next guests etc. I’m so bad when in b and bs, guesthouses and the like. I make the bed which probably doesn’t help them, place the cushions as I remembered them when I came, wipe sinks with wipes that I carry, and you wouldn’t know I’ve been I’m glad I’m like it. Animals don’t even act like these people.

Cosytoes123 Sun 08-Sep-19 06:54:25

Well I had a couple who burned the house down! Who knows why. Luckily we had insurance and was able to rebuild 😞

moonbeames Sun 08-Sep-19 03:08:34

Some people are just feral. The cleaners who come after us where we have rented accommodation must rejoice. I make sure that it is left as we found it. Sparkling! Rubbish outside in the bins. Everything washed down, bed stripped and rooms aired. I leave it how I would want to see it if I were the next tenants. It comes from how I was brought up by my dear mother. Good on you mum. See I was listening! cupcake

Aepgirl Sat 07-Sep-19 20:02:30

I wonder how these people live at home. Or do they think that as it’s not their place they can abuse it?

They should be named and shamed so that they never get to rent again.

Matthew1 Sat 07-Sep-19 18:40:55

I went on an adult only weekend at Butlins with a group of friends to a music weekend. Not only did our neighbours keep us awake most of the night with rowdy noise (both in the apartments and on the grassed areas) they threw furniture, white goods from the kitchen and bedding out of the windows. I was told by the maintenance team that it was a regular occurrence on these weekends. I have never been back since.

newnanny Sat 07-Sep-19 15:54:34

We had 6 btl and have found most tenants leave houses in ok condition. It is just a very small number of tenants that ate bad.

Nanny41 Sat 07-Sep-19 14:35:18

I rent out a property in the Lake District for a tiny sum of money and only to people I know.They always leave everything in pristine condition, I am lucky I realise.

sarahellenwhitney Sat 07-Sep-19 14:25:54

Wonderinghmm what could have been on the curtains!

Bijou Sat 07-Sep-19 14:08:05

When I was young a friend went to put a hot cup on my new polished dining table. “I didn’t think” she answered. “ I rent my flat so I don’t bother.”
Years later our bungalow was let for twelve years to US Air Force personnel whilst we were travelling abroad. Most were OK but the last one ruined the furniture and had painted all the walls brown. When I returned it took me three months to restore the furniture and redecorate.

Davidhs Sat 07-Sep-19 13:47:23

Realistically probably 75% of tenants are acceptable pay the rent and don’t trash the place, the real problem is one bad tenant in four take all the profit and good will from the good ones.

For those considering renting out a property my advice is don’t, it’s bad enough now but likely new legislation will make it more difficult. Sell and invest the cash in an ISA or pension then enjoy life without worries.

Jillybird Sat 07-Sep-19 13:39:07

Jane10 that's horrible. No wonder you wanted to vent. We get annoyed with a dog walker who regularly puts his dog poo bag into our recently emptied bins before we have time to get them back in the house after the recycling collection. (There's a council dog poo bin about 20 yards away). Your experience makes ours pale into insignificance!

sodapop Sat 07-Sep-19 13:32:10

I think at least a couple of us have said we have had good tenants as well as bad ones sillynanny unfortunately its the bad ones who stick in your mind.

I think it must be so much worse when its 'friends' who trash your place seadragon

chris8888 Sat 07-Sep-19 12:33:44

Can.t they be charged with criminal damage? Awful people.

Jan66 Sat 07-Sep-19 12:28:59

Not knowing what kind of tenants we could get in our property was one of the reasons why we didn't want to rent out our old house.

Diane227 Sat 07-Sep-19 12:25:20

Last year we rented an apartment online for 10 days in a quiet resort in Spain.
Prior to the trip we were in communication with the owner , completed all paperwork etc. When we arrived the apartment was lovely. A few minor things like stained pillows on the beds but when we made the English owner aware she sent the (also English ) agent with pillow shams. No new pillows though.
I commented to the agent that there were no cleaning materials eg brush or mop and bucket and was a told that she hadnt expected that anyone would want to do cleaning on their holidays !
Consequently , the floors were left little sticky and grubby , something I would never normally do. I suppose the owner wasnt fully aware of the situation. We gave her a good review and got good comments back but I still felt quilty about our apparent lack of cleanliness. I suppose some people just have different standards.

SillyNanny321 Sat 07-Sep-19 12:15:41

I am really fed up of reading how bad tenants are now! After marriage break up I had to sell my house & rent. I have never trashed any of the 4 places I have rented since then. Always left them clean & nothing broken.
I have been in my present property for 10+ years & hope for another 10 years if I live that long! Why do Landlords always publicise the bad but never the good? Most tenants are well behaved, clean & tidy & pay their rent. I have now got two gardens where there were just rubble & weeds. I have small trees, bushes & plants, also a lawn. I would never want to live like a pig in [email protected] as saying goes.
Please stop tarring everyone with the same brush my Nan would have said!

Hellsbelles Sat 07-Sep-19 11:59:42

We used to stay in a cottage 3 times a year and I'd always clean it before leaving as if it were my own.
Then we decided to move to the area as we'd been visiting for years. We have ourselves a year to see if the reality was as good as the dream.
We decided we'd not put put house on the market during that time, in case we wanted to bail out and return.
We rented out another of our holiday let ladies places that she rented out long-term . After the year we decided to buy and again left it as we found it. The owner of the properties asked me as I was now local if I wanted to work for her as the cleaner !

BazingaGranny Sat 07-Sep-19 11:44:54

When I got married and moved in with my husband, I let my lovely flat to a female friend, for nominal rent, and then to a very nice couple. The problems came later on with two different male tenants, both paying very little rent as I didn’t want to be an avaricious landlord/lady/person.

Both the male tenants caused problems with drunken parties, and noise disturbing other flat owners most nights, and so many pizza takeaways left on the floor that the local mice not only moved in but became quite obese! My godson and his wife stayed very peacefully for a while, but unfortunately my flat was too far from their workplaces to be viable.

I sold the flat, very reluctantly, and I wouldn’t rent to others again, as I don’t know the algorithm for working out who might be a decent or a difficult tenant! 😱🥴

kazziecookie Sat 07-Sep-19 11:37:29

I have owned a guest house in Plymouth for 12 years now and I could write a book about some of the things guests have done over the years and it is not always the ones you would expect.
We had a room absolutely trashed a couple of months ago, they paid cash and gave fake address. It is heartbreaking but we have had it before so we just put it right and plod on.
The photographs show what rooms are often like when we go in them.

Nannan2 Sat 07-Sep-19 11:37:06

Such a shame! Ruins it for the decent folk angry yes get the landlords insurance,a lot of insurers offer it now.

seadragon Sat 07-Sep-19 11:36:58

DD rented her home to a 'friend' when she moved to live with her partner. The 'friend' and her family were there for 3 years then gave notice to leave. The house was filthy; a marble fireplace was broken and the whole place needed cleaning re-carpeting and repairing costing £5,000 plus 3 months rent plus GD's time and travel . The 'friend' asked if she could have the bed and the washing machine but my daughter refused. The 'friend' took these items anyway...and moved to the house next door..... GD decided to sell.....she had rented to this woman as a kindness when her husband left her...!!

EllanVannin Sat 07-Sep-19 11:22:59

Normal people wouldn't dream of leaving a mess behind them. Those who do are complete slobs and low-lifes with no respect for others and as long as the properties aren't their own they couldn't care less how much mess or damage they do.

My H and I used to let a shop premises for years to the same person who had a hairdressers, no problem whatsoever. No living quarters as such as they were used for storage and a waiting/staff room. Then the other usual facilities inc. bathroom and two toilets, M&F.