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Words with Friends Scams

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Teetime Thu 12-Sep-19 10:24:04

Please be aware that there are many people posing as military, oil rig, gas pipeline etc workers who want to chat and seem friendly. They all seem to be widowers with only one child who they miss terribly but after a while they start to talk about money and or sex. Best not to have conversations unless you know the person- juts enjoy the word game. The problem is its very hard to delete games on WWF as far as I can see you can only resign the game if you think the person is dodgy or juts refuse all games from people you dont know. I have been playing this for years with a few people that I know but suddenly a raft of strange fellas have been coming in.

Teetime Thu 12-Sep-19 10:29:23

Of course I should have you can block the person you suspect

crazyH Thu 12-Sep-19 10:36:44

I used to play this game, but deleted it only because I had too many apps on my iPad.