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Washing new clothes

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Esther1 Mon 16-Sep-19 09:35:34

My dil washes all new clothes before wearing them. Even things bought on-line all sealed and packaged. Even ‘non intimate’ clothes like cardigans. Do other people do this? And why?

curlytops Mon 16-Sep-19 11:53:17

I always wash new clothes first, always have done.

kircubbin2000 Mon 16-Sep-19 11:54:07

People are very strange aren't they !😎

madcatwoman Mon 16-Sep-19 11:54:59

Oh yes! I wash everything, always. I prefer clean, fresh clothes, towels and bedding that hasn't been touched or tried by others.
If I'm nuts, then so be it - I'm happy!

Nelli123 Mon 16-Sep-19 12:06:54

Yes, I always wash new clothes and sheets or towels to get rid of the chemicals they always use. I have sensitive skin so it's a necessity, and new clothes never smell that good anyway until you've washed that chemical smell out of them.

Paperbackwriter Mon 16-Sep-19 12:13:33

Good grief, how bizarre to wash something that's brand new! I'm so easy going (possibly slattern?) that even if I buy a second-hand dress on eBay, I try it on and if delighted with it I'll just wear it right then and there, even if it still has the lingering scent of someone else's perfume!

JackyB Mon 16-Sep-19 12:30:02

As I always say in threads on this topic, I always wash new things - well, perhaps not a Cardigan or a jumper, but definitely underwear, towels and bedlinen.

They have been stored in warehouses where there could be vermin and then shipped in containers, via other warehouses.

A friend of mine was teaching at a school and one of the girls developed a rash around her waist. They slit open the waistband of her skirt and it was crawling with lice.

My DS2 wore some underpants that I had popped in his Christmas parcel as a stocking filler, without washing them first, despite my advice. He got a bad infection (was literally weeing pus)

I was very shocked when I was in hospital having my first baby. The girl in the bed next to me was a nurse herself. She had even worked on the maternity ward. The flannels she had with her for the baby still had their price tags on them.

My formative years being spent in the Junior Red Cross have left a lasting impression on me with regard to hygiene.

knspol Mon 16-Sep-19 12:32:28

Anything washable gets washed before wear, dry cleaning stuff doesn't.

maddyone Mon 16-Sep-19 12:34:56

I forgot, I wash new towels before use, that’s because they’re more absorbent after washing.

Musicgirl Mon 16-Sep-19 12:39:05

I always wash towels and bedding before use but not clothes unless I've bought them from a charity shop or Ebay. I am prone to bad eczema and can't be too careful about washing powder. New baby clothes were different though and l did wash those.

JanaNana Mon 16-Sep-19 12:43:44

Only wash new towels to get rid of any surplus fluff that can come off initially, or if new jeans give a warning label about the dye transferring to other things. Otherwise wear from new.

Bijou Mon 16-Sep-19 12:44:36

After seeing a Tv programme about conditions in some foreign factories I always wash everything manufactured there. Can’t bear to think of them having been handled by dirty hands,

Happiyogi Mon 16-Sep-19 12:47:51

Yes to washing! A friend who worked in the clothing industry said if people knew the truth about how garments were treated, everyone would.

annodomini Mon 16-Sep-19 13:03:38

When I was a student, I got my first pair of jeans (this was in the dark ages of the early 60s) and went hiking in the rain. Never considered washing them. When I took them off, I discovered what 'indigo' meant. My legs looked ad if they'd been disastrously bruised.

NotSpaghetti Mon 16-Sep-19 13:14:19

I admit I don't do it (except for underwear) - but my daughter who works in the fashion industry always washes the garments that are washable. She says if you have seen the way they are handled, treated and the conditions they are stored in you wouldn't want to wear without washing. She never washed things before wearing until she started taking "manufacturing" trips as part of her job.

As others have said, the starches and fabric finishers are chemical based and can easily cause rashes.... though, as others have pointed out, not psoriasis - which is an auto-immune disease.

NotSpaghetti Mon 16-Sep-19 13:14:57

X-posting Happiyogi

Lindylou57 Mon 16-Sep-19 13:44:37

Both hubby and son expect me to do this! Cant't see point myself. I usually just pretend I've washed 'em and maybe give them a little iron so it looks like I have done it!!

Rosina Mon 16-Sep-19 13:55:03

I do - some clothing has a strange 'finish'. I did hear an assistant in a clothes shop say that some very grubby people had been in and tried on various outfits - that got me thinking so now I do use the 'quickwash for anything I buy.

silverlining48 Mon 16-Sep-19 13:55:19

I never have even thought of washing new items, though do wash those I buy in charity shops, but will have a think now.

BlueBelle Mon 16-Sep-19 13:56:29

No of course not, they re new why would you
I do know some people do It’s waste of time water and effort in my opinion
Oh dear if some people are so worried their new clothes might have been handled by ‘dirty hands’ for goodness sake never sleep in a B & B or hotel, never eat out in a restaurant or cafe, never use a public toilet and for goodness sake never ever touch a handrail
I m amazed my children and myself are still alive as I didn’t wash their clothes nappies vests or anything until they were dirty
No wonder there are so many allergies around today

Millie22 Mon 16-Sep-19 14:03:56

I don't wash new clothes but always wash towels and bed linen as sometimes they have a plastic like smell. I always thought clothes had some sort of finishing process after they'd been made. Maybe that doesn't happen now with Primark and similar shops due to keeping costs down.

TillyWhiz Mon 16-Sep-19 14:05:05

I had to for my husband because he suffered from eczema and psoriasis and the finish on new clothes exacerbated the conditions. He used a new M&S vest before I had washed it and came out in a dreadful rash.

grandtanteJE65 Mon 16-Sep-19 14:12:19

I wash all new clothes to get the stiffening out, plus the smell of whatever perfume the shop has used.

I was told as a child that clothes wore better if you washed them before use.

My grandmother said that you could never know whether the seamstress making them or the man packing them had picked their nose!

That horrible picture has stayed with me.

I find charity shop clothes stink of cheap washing-powder and need to be washed at least three times before I can wear them.

You can't dry anything with a tea-towel that has never been washed, or wash a floor well with a new, unwashed floor-cloth, either.

SeaWatcher Mon 16-Sep-19 14:12:28

I always wash new clothes before I wear them as you never know who tried them on before/ wore them and returned them with labels intact and whether the manufacturer put some sort of finish on the fabric. I also wash new towels and bed linen before using.

Aepgirl Mon 16-Sep-19 14:20:32

No I don’t. Also I think clothes lose a certain ‘something’ once they have been washed. I had a neighbour who used to hang anything new - clothes, bed linen, towels - on the washing line, but they were never washed. She was just showing off that she had been buying!

maryhoffman37 Mon 16-Sep-19 14:33:30

No, never!