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bonji Tue 17-Sep-19 13:28:48

Wanting something easy last evening while sewing I watched Celebrity Masterchef. It just made me so cross when we are all told to try to avoid food waste and use our leftovers that so much food on this and other similar programmes is just wasted. Good quality meat and fish were rejected for not being cooked or presented ‘just so’. I think I felt it especially wrong as it is soon to be the Harvest festival service at my local church and we have been asked to be as generous as we can as everything is going to the local food bank. I live in a reasonable area but know from being an adviser at Citizens Advice that the food bank is much needed. I know life is not fair but this just seems so wrong. Would appreciate your comments.

MiniMoon Tue 17-Sep-19 13:40:28

I avoid food programmes like the plague! Particularly the "cheffy" ones.
I've also always used up leftovers as I was taught by my mother.
I agree about wasting good food, just because it isn't presented properly.
My DH says to just slap it on the plate, as long as it's tasty and cooked properly he'll eat it.
I know that you enjoy food with your eyes as well, but quite honestly they do go a bit too far.

EllanVannin Tue 17-Sep-19 13:56:24

One of these days someone will do some proper cooking using popular ingredients and not those unpronounceable names from far-flung places.
What happened to the down to earth meals easy and cheap to make for the majority to enjoy, particularly those who are struggling with families ?

EllanVannin Tue 17-Sep-19 13:58:32

Let's have more of the Hairy Bikers !

sodapop Tue 17-Sep-19 14:01:30

I think I read somewhere that the food from Masterchef and similar programmes was donated to various charities. Apart from the meals cooked there are a large amount of fresh ingredients left as well.
So many of these programmes are pretentious now and have no relevance to real life. Bit like the soaps I watch I suppose.

KatyK Tue 17-Sep-19 14:44:23

I hate MasterChef. I love The Hairy Bikers. We've been to see them live twice. They were good fun.

Sussexborn Tue 17-Sep-19 14:49:28

I get put off when they hover 3 inches above the food breathing all over it. Yuk.

NanaMacGeek Tue 17-Sep-19 15:52:38

I find I'm put off by many cookery programmes because (for good reason) we have become a tee-total household. The sight of chefs sploshing alcohol into their dishes without suggesting alternatives makes me cross. Many recommend wines and specialist beers to go with the food, could they not suggest alcohol free alternatives sometimes? Saturday Kitchen on the BBC is particularly annoying. The Hairy Bikers are no better. I know I'm a grumpy old woman.....hmm

GillT57 Tue 17-Sep-19 15:56:32

There are many programmes showing people how to make everyday meals, some on a budget. Masterchef is a bit different from them, it is about skills and ideas, not about feeding a family for a week. I agree though that most of it is pretentious, and often wouldn't make a decent sandwich between two slices of bread!

Missfoodlove Tue 17-Sep-19 16:24:45

If it captures people’s imagination and creates an interest in food then that’s a good thing.
I totally agree it’s important not to waste food and young people should be taught how to roast a chicken, make a meal from the leftovers and soup from stock!
It’s wonderful though to show off occasionally and many old fashioned cuts of meat and methods are used in modern cuisine.
Ox cheeks, cod cheeks and offal are all making a comeback.
I do however think tripe should remain in 1945!

EllanVannin Tue 17-Sep-19 17:00:01

A marrowbone was always on my mum's food list. I believe she fed both brother and I the soup from an early age.
Neck-end of lamb for hot-pots.

M0nica Tue 17-Sep-19 17:00:31

If the behind the scenes for food programmes, is like the support office staff when someone has a buffet lunch in a meeting room, as soon as the filming is over, everyone present will be tucking in and wrapping up anything left to take home.

We used to love meetings with buffet lunches at work. As soon as the meeting ended, we descended on the trolley and cleared it of all the delectables fed to Directors at working lunches.

I belong to a local liaison commitee at our local power station and although our lunches after the meeting are modest affairs, as the last meeting attender goes down the stairs on their way home. People in adjacent offices 'casually' wander down to see what is on offer from the meeting lunch.

M0nica Tue 17-Sep-19 17:01:04

Actually, I do not watch any cookery programmes, too boring.

EllanVannin Tue 17-Sep-19 17:01:09

Calf's foot jelly.