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Thumbnail - would post a pic but it's too gross.

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Witzend Tue 17-Sep-19 19:34:16

Maybe 6 weeks ago now I managed to slam my thumb in the car boot. Once I'd stopped swearing and washed the blood off it didn't look as if it needed A&E, but nail was obviously badly bruised. Just put a clean dressing on every day and it's healed well.

Wrecked part of nail is now starting - very slowly - to grow up and separate from the base. Ditto at one side where it's also clearly separating. However, top half of nail, which escaped damage, is still quite intact. The damaged bits do look horrible!

I'm now getting twitchy about the whole thing tearing off, unless I wear a plaster over it every day until it grows out completely - which could take months.

Nothing else I can do, is there - or is there?

midgey Tue 17-Sep-19 19:41:29

Ooh that must have hurt. No advice but wishing you well!

Tangerine Tue 17-Sep-19 19:49:08

I bet that hurt!

In your position, I think I'd put a plaster on but I am not a nurse. I imagine some of our more qualified Gransnetters will be able to give you more detailed advice.

Septimia Tue 17-Sep-19 21:38:15

I did a similar thng about 18 months ago and caught my thumb in the car door. We were going on holiday and had just arrived at the overnight B&B, so I didn't want to search out A&E.

It was very painful at first and gradually went unpleasantly black from the base - that bit actually came off first. The new nail started to grow while the old bit was still attached at the top. I'm afraid I picked away at that, mainly because it was catching in things, and nibbled the loose bits off with teeth, scissors and clippers. I did put a plaster over it some of the time.

Finally the new one grew - all smooth and beautiful and totally unlike the other ridged things! I wish the others were as nice but I don't fancy going through all that again.

By 6 months the new one was growing well, but it took best part of a year for it to reach a respectable length.

Witzend Wed 18-Sep-19 09:10:50

Thanks, Septimia - looks as if it's going to be plasters for the next few months, then! I'm obviously keeping the undamaged top bit as short as possible..

Funnily enough, we were going away the next day, too - when I rang the doorbell (couldn't fumble for keys) and poor dh opened the door to find me in a right old state with blood dripping everywhere, he thought that was the end of our holiday, I'd be down at the hospital having half my thumb taken off!!
Luckily not nearly as bad as that, and we went away as planned - armed with plenty of dressings and a bottle of TCP.

Elegran Wed 18-Sep-19 09:32:15

Nail varnish might hold it together for a while, maybe as a temporary measure for when you are going somewhere special and don't want to have a plaster spoiling your elegance. You could try consulting one of the many nail beauticians.

A Google search brought me up details of what they learn on the courses that lead to various qualifications. I'd say you need someone a bit more advanced who is qualified (bold highlighting is mine) with a " Complete Nail Technician Diploma - Gain an insight into how to care for and maintain nail extensions. The Maintaining Nail Extensions course covers Gels, Acrylics and Fibreglass and you will learn how to rebalance nails, repair and prevent lifting, repair chipped and cracked nails and how to soak off old extensions. We recommend that for anyone looking to complete this course that they should complete one of the other nail technician courses first."

Or you could consult your GP - they may have advice for you.

Witzend Wed 18-Sep-19 09:57:33

Thank you, Elegran, but must confess to not often being particularly elegant! I keep my nails fairly short anyway - have needed to ever since taking up the piano again after retirement - with just clear nail varnish on, so just as well there isn't much of an effect to spoil.