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Female Platonic UK travel buddies

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RetiredTravel Tue 17-Sep-19 22:08:26

Any females who like the idea of walking, nice hotels, glass of wine, good food and platonic female friendship.
I genuinely think my husband is the norm in that he'd be just as happy at home.
Anyone have experience of travel buddies at 50+

HettyMaud Tue 17-Sep-19 23:08:06

Why don't you say which area you live in because there may be lots of GNs who would like to meet up. I agree that husbands often prefer to stay at home.

Davidhs Wed 18-Sep-19 07:33:19

I have taken several group holidays and the women in the groups have often shared with a travel buddy. Some with a friend who lived locally, some that only ever get together to go on holiday, they obviously have common interests but it seems to work well.
Also there is also a Travel Buddy organization across the U.K. there is probably a group near you, again mostly women that get to know each other with regular meetings before actually going away.
Just google “Travel Buddy Oxford” or what ever you local town is.

RetiredTravel Sat 21-Sep-19 23:36:46

Many thanks for posting