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With a bit of luck DH will come home today!

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merlotgran Mon 14-Oct-19 09:11:52

He's been in hospital for five weeks and is going stir crazy. He's not cured. They still haven't located the source of the infection that affected his heart but have ruled out all the 'nasties' (we hope)

We know he will have to return as an outpatient for various tests and treatment and valve replacement surgery is planned for the not too distant future but his IV antibiotics can now be given at home if the OPAT (outpatients antibiotic treatment) team can get everything in place.

His mood has been very low lately and this has prompted them to get him home ASAP so it's now up to me (and the dogs and cat) to buck him up!

I'm good at that grin

dragonfly46 Mon 14-Oct-19 22:17:05

Pleased you are home. I hope Mr Merlot continues to get better.

MissAdventure Mon 14-Oct-19 22:11:26


Best wishes to you and Mr Merlot.

Marydoll Mon 14-Oct-19 22:05:29

Great news Merlotgran. You must be so relieved.

Anniebach Mon 14-Oct-19 21:16:30

So happy for you both x

grannyqueenie Mon 14-Oct-19 20:44:33

merlot, so glad to hear that you’re both safely at home and away from the craziness of the ward. It’s a good job you still have a sense of humour, hoping things will improve at a steady pace from now on x flowers

Doodle Mon 14-Oct-19 20:37:16

Good to hear you are both home safely merlot. Now you can take proper care of him. Nothing like your own home to cheer you up.

Gonegirl Mon 14-Oct-19 20:23:52

Glad you are both back home merlot. smile

merlotgran Mon 14-Oct-19 19:56:09

Home at last. Just the usual five hour wait for pharmacy to get their act together.

A tedious drive home in heavy traffic but the fire is lit and the dogs are curled up beside him.

And...….relax! smile

Thank you all for your kind messages.

Harris27 Mon 14-Oct-19 18:08:25

Aw that’s lovely news hope he gets home soon X

whywhywhy Mon 14-Oct-19 18:02:10

Great news! I wish you both well and hope he gets better soon. I am sure he will pick up once home with you and your pets. Take care.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 14-Oct-19 17:59:40

Oh Merlotgran what a pantomime!!!!!

I hope you have your dear Man home now 💐💐

sodapop Mon 14-Oct-19 17:20:12

Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Mr Merlot and good luck with the nursing Merlotgran home is best if its possible. thanks

52bright Mon 14-Oct-19 16:50:35

Very good news Merlotgran. I did have a smile picturing the scene you described earlier and it is amazing that you could recount it with such good humour after all that you and your dh have been through. Hopefully he will be much happier once you get him out of the madhouse. What would we do without the Nhs but hospitals are no place to have to spend 5 weeks. Do take care of yourself as well as dh flowers

PageTurner Mon 14-Oct-19 16:33:13

Good news that your DH will be home today.
I hope the infection will soon be gone and he will be healthy soon.
My best to you both💐💗🌺

Auntieflo Mon 14-Oct-19 16:23:25

Oh Merlot, you just didn't need this on top of everything else.
Sorry that I am a bit late to this thread, but hope that the discharge has happened and that MrMerlot is home safe and sound, and in his own comfy bed.

Make sure that you also take care of yourself. flowers

SueDonim Mon 14-Oct-19 12:41:13

Your dh's illness had passed me by, Merlotgran, I'm so sorry you have had such a terrible time this year, what with everything else as well. flowers

Welcome home to your dh, his own bed and home cooking will be just the thing he needs! Look after yourself, too. X

BlueBelle Mon 14-Oct-19 11:52:40

Best of luck for you and your husband merlot I hope he comes on in leaps and bounds once he gets into your care

BlueSapphire Mon 14-Oct-19 11:39:20

Best wishes from me too and hope all goes smoothly. I had a good chuckle over yesterday's saga!

Jaycee5 Mon 14-Oct-19 11:33:08

Good news.
However good hospitals are, they are depressing places to stay in for long. The systems are infantalising and it is hard to sleep with corridor lights on all night. The food must feel very repetitive after 5 weeks too.
He is sure to be happier at home and hopefully the infection will go soon as they are also depressing.
A comfy sofa, something good on TV, a nice lunch and you and the pets should do it!

dragonfly46 Mon 14-Oct-19 11:19:57

Good news Merlot you will have your hands full but at least it will not be with daily visits to the hospital.

I hope this is the start of a change in luck for you and your family.

Following Maw's example in Dutch we would say 'Beterschap' - we have to keep the European theme going!!

Luckygirl Mon 14-Oct-19 10:43:42

Yes indeed - he needs to be at home and out of the madhouse that is hospital! My OH has made me promise that under no circumstances will I allow anyone to send him to hospital, however ill he might be.

Now - please look after yourself in all this. I know how very hard it can be looking after a sick person at home. Make sure that you go out sometimes and get some fresh (cold!) air. It can be all-consuming and you need to make your plans with that in mind.

But it is such good news that he may be coming home - I have my fingers crossed for you both!

Bathsheba Mon 14-Oct-19 10:41:55

This is the first I've read of your DH's illness merlot. Gosh you two have been dealt a terrible hand this year, haven't you.

My best wishes for his homecoming and speedy recovery away from the circus in the opposite bed shock

Gonegirl Mon 14-Oct-19 10:30:53

Btw, such a good idea to do the housework in pj's. Will give that a try. (I never get round to it once I'm dressed)

Gonegirl Mon 14-Oct-19 10:29:25


That's all I can say about the man in the bed opposite. Hope they've put him in a room on his own now. Sounds like he gets all the company he needs on his phone.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Mon 14-Oct-19 10:25:24

Best wishes, Merlot you've had a rotten time of it. I hope all goes well for you both.