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Close encounters of the undesirable kind.

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Ninarosa Sun 20-Oct-19 17:17:07

Oh what a horrible morning ( to be sung to the tune of oh what a beautiful morning )
Yesterday I found a large slug squelching its way across my bedroom carpet. Summoned up what little courage I could muster and flushed it down the loo. Hoovered up it's trail.
This morning a sparkling fresh path meandered lazily from a corner to underneath the bed , search party no doubt.
Have been on hands and knees crawling around the room, but no slug. Hoovered up said trail yet again. Rushed out and bought some slug pellets. Walked into bedroom and Sydney the slug had had a party in my brief absence- evidence everywhere.
Now, I do not really want to have to resort to pellets, but I am very phobic of this kind of intrusion. Also my duvet touches the carpet and I'm imagining Sydney joining me in bed tonight. Has anyone any other ideas I could put in place ? Also have any of you had your own run ins with living creatures in inappropriate places?

Septimia Sun 20-Oct-19 18:20:02

I do agree that slugs are unpleasant and unwelcome. I've found them indoors, too, and they can squeeze through really narrow gaps.

You could, if you have enough, put a thick band of salt around your bed..... You'd have to clear up the bodies in the morning, supposing the slugs venture that far.

crazyH Sun 20-Oct-19 18:27:18

I believe you leave a bowl of water out and they climb into it and drown.
However, your write-up about the intruder was funny and made me laugh .

EllanVannin Sun 20-Oct-19 18:33:46

I hate the blighters, they're neither use nor ornament for anything.
Get a small container the size of a teacup but with a wider top. Pour some beer in it and with a bit of luck they'll drown in their own stupor.
I have a bowl of water outside for the benefit of the old stray cat which sleeps outside in a kennel on a fleece. Besides me feeding the cat I make sure he drinks too and nearly every day there's a drowned slug at the bottom of the bowl which had obviously been looking to drink. I'm sure if it was beer there'd have been more of them drowned.

On damp nights there's usually a throng of the horrible things on the patio----looks like a snake pit.

I don't get them in the house thank goodness though now and again they slither up the patio door so have to flick them off with a trowel. I wish we had a glut of hedgehogs !

Septimia Sun 20-Oct-19 18:41:55

We used to have a couple of pet ducks. They loved to eat slugs.

But would you want to share your bed with a duck?

Willow500 Sun 20-Oct-19 18:56:13

Gross things! I used to find them on the kitchen floor where they'd come in via an outlet from an old dishwasher connection - that stopped when we had a new kitchen fitted however I've seen a slime trail across the carpet in the conservatory a couple of times lately and am at a loss how one is getting in there. There are no openings at all - I'm just hoping the little blighter isn't hiding under the sofa as there is no way we can move it shock

bikergran Sun 20-Oct-19 19:32:56

Ive heard about putting an empty half of an orange upside down and the slug/s crawl into it come daylight (you obviously eat the half orange first) ....not sure if it works, but if it does you can then dispose of it.

My dd has a new sealed back door ,has all the seals on and is a tight fit, yet every morning there is a slug trail to the cats feeding bowl (no slug to be seen anywhere)

I have checked the door the seal etc.goodness know where it gets in(Unless)!!!! its already in the house of course hmm

lemongrove Sun 20-Oct-19 19:36:27

We have none at all, not in the house and haven’t seen one in the garden either ( lived here for ten years,) I have no idea why this should be the case.
In the previous house they surrounded the house on a damp night ( shudder) ate all new small plants and squeezed under the door to get at the cat biscuits.Vile things.

rosenoir Sun 20-Oct-19 19:46:17

I also do not have any in my garden but I do have a lot of slow worms, I dont know which I prefer.

Esther1 Sun 20-Oct-19 19:54:18

They seem to appear indoors after very wet weather- and at night. I am finding a nasty slime trail across the carpet in the morning, but no sign of the beast.

annodomini Sun 20-Oct-19 20:37:48

I sometimes have them in the kitchen and have to grab them in kitchen paper and put them in the bin. I found one enormous one recently with an interesting pattern - quite unlike the usual slimy black creatures. I looked it up on the net and found that it was probably a leopard slug. This species doesn't damage plants. They are cannibals and eat other species of slugs, so they're the gardener's friends. The black ones - I'm afraid I pour salt on them which sounds rather sadistic, but quite satisfying.

rubysong Sun 20-Oct-19 21:09:29

In our previous house we frequently saw slug trails in the conservatory and once a toad. Here, all the slugs stay outside and there is a toad which lives outside under a bucket.

callgirl1 Sun 20-Oct-19 21:13:51

Rosenoir, I hope that you don`t kill the slow worms, they`re not worms or slugs, but legless lizards. They eat slugs and worms. I like them.

rosenoir Sun 20-Oct-19 21:42:59

I would never consider killing them, I have considered moving house because of them though.

Gonegirl Sun 20-Oct-19 21:48:43

Why don't you want to use slug pellets? In your bedroom they aren't going to harm any other wildlife.Get some methaldehyde pellets. Don't mess about.

cornergran Sun 20-Oct-19 21:51:14

Good luck with your hunt ninarosa. I’ve evicted a woodlouse and a caterpillar today. If number three is a slug I’ll be off to buy more salt.

Nannyxthree Sun 20-Oct-19 21:54:37

I wouldn't put anything round the bed in case you step on them during the night! The beer idea is the usual remedy if you can place a suitable container away from the bed and tuck the bedding into the mattress.

Perhaps a night in another room while the remedy takes effect might help?

Ninarosa Sun 20-Oct-19 23:08:38

So I'm sharing my bedroom tonight with a legless lizard, so named because it's been at the saucer of beer, a duck ( could only find a plastic one ), the salt grinder ( Malvern no less ), a trail of cat biscuits leading to my washing up bowl of boiling water in which the duck is vigilantly poised.
I've plugged a few gaps between skirting and floorboards with blu-tak and am now spoiling for a fight.Not much sleeping going on tonight.

Ninarosa Sun 20-Oct-19 23:14:07

Was going to fish the orange segments out of the jug of sangria in the fridge but why spoil a good drink ?

Ninarosa Mon 21-Oct-19 02:31:39

Gonegirl, doggone slug gone!
Half crazed through lack of sleep I threw pellets confetti-like, around the room. A little later - result. Bagged two for the price of one. Am now off to have slugs, er cheese on toast.

gulligranny Mon 21-Oct-19 17:04:23

Slugs! Why, Noah? Why??

BlueBelle Mon 21-Oct-19 17:14:54

I get trails across the kitchen but rarely find the pot of gold (slug) at the end of the rainbow my daughter gets them in her living room but again can never find the bloody culprit