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MamaCaz Mon 21-Oct-19 19:18:30

I was sitting in the car this morning, wait in for DH. For no good reason, I decided to look in the glove compartment, to remind myself what was in there.

Amongst the usual collection of useful and not-so-useful of items, there was a case in which a tyre gauge is kept.
Just as I was about to close the compartment again, I noticed how 'perished' the case was looking.
It is a metal case with a fabric covering, and that fabric was in a terrible state.
Closer inspection revealed that something had been chewing so hard on the case that it had even made a hole right through the metal on one corner, and teeth marks were visible here and there!

The most likely culprit is a mouse (I daren't even suggest rats to OH, as he has a real phobia where they are concerned), but DH and I can't even see where it has got in there. I know they can get through tiny holes, but there there no holes visible at all from within the car.

Anyway, we went straight off to buy some poison, which is now in place, and have ordered some peppermint essential oil to spray in the car and under the bonnet, as it is supposed to deter mice.
However, I can't help worrying what hidden damage the critter might already have done elsewhere in the car. For instance, if it can do that to metal, I bet it could make short work of the air bags!

shysal Mon 21-Oct-19 19:26:37

I suggest you get the car fully checked over. I know someone who kept bird seed in his garage, which attracted rats who nested in and chewed the car from underneath, making it unsafe and costly to repair.
Sorry if this has unnerved you, but better safe than sorry. I hope you get to the bottom of the problem.

MamaCaz Mon 21-Oct-19 19:29:52

You are right, shysal, but we could really do without that right now! sad