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Where do they find them?

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Auntieflo Mon 21-Oct-19 22:14:08

Old threads, that's what I am wittering on about.

I have started reading a few threads lately, only to realise that they are years old.
Where do these folk find old threads, and why bother to resurrect them, when if they really want to start a discussion on a subject, or ask a question, all they have to do is start a new discussion?

lemongrove Mon 21-Oct-19 22:19:52

Exactly Auntyflo much better to start a new one.

BlueBelle Mon 21-Oct-19 22:21:33

I agree it’s annoying when the person who started it might not even be still on Gransnet

Urmstongran Mon 21-Oct-19 22:23:31

I agree Auntieflo I find it annoying. It seems to be happening more recently (why?) so I’ve started to check the date now of each OP before deciding whether or not to continue reading!

MissAdventure Mon 21-Oct-19 22:24:50

I'm going to leave it a year or two, then write at the bottom of this thread

I agree.

Bellanonna Mon 21-Oct-19 23:14:14

I’ve occasionally come across old threads where Gransnet have given a heads up to the fact that it fizzled out a while ago. I’m not even sure if you can add to those.

BlueBelle Mon 21-Oct-19 23:34:55

You can add belladonna but it gives a warning that this thread is blah blah blah
What’s the point start a new one