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Nanny Pancake

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Flossieturner Tue 05-Nov-19 20:56:24

This was my eldest GS name for me, because I always made him pancakes when they came to stay. He has just returned to England after working abroad and is coming to see us tomorrow.

I have just received this text

“Hi Nan, would you like me to get some shopping for you tomorrow. Like eggs, flour, lemon and sugar”.

Cheeky sod.

lemongrove Tue 05-Nov-19 21:10:41

That’s rather nice isn’t it? He remembers you through the pancakes ( the way to a man’s heart etc) 😁
You must have made the most amazing pancakes, can we all come round for some please?

Flossieturner Tue 05-Nov-19 22:07:39

Yes of course, all welcome. He is so lovely, such a caring man.

Tangerine Tue 05-Nov-19 22:08:07

How lovely! It seems he thinks a lot of you and knows you will laugh.

I hope you enjoy his visit.

grannyactivist Tue 05-Nov-19 22:14:19

That made me smile Flossie. smile

When my eldest son was at University he actually travelled all the way from Birmingham to Devon in order to be home for Shrove Tuesday because he loves my pancakes so much. Eventually I bought him a book of pancake recipes and gave him and his girlfriend (now wife) a copy of my own handwritten recipe and they learnt to make their own. Now they turn up for waffles instead. confused grin

MiniMoon Tue 05-Nov-19 22:18:41

According to my grandchildren, I make amazing drop scones, or Scotch pancakes.
They request them regularly.

The boys never forget, even when they grow up.

LullyDully Wed 06-Nov-19 07:42:39

My mother used to make rissoles for my boys and even though I made them just the same, they never tasted like hers apparently.

kittylester Wed 06-Nov-19 07:50:11

How lovely!

It's bread sauce I get orders for. I make, and freeze gallons of the stuff!

Oopsminty Wed 06-Nov-19 07:56:41

Grandma's stuffing is missed in this household

I have never been able to make it like she did

lemongrove Wed 06-Nov-19 09:49:38

It’s lasagne that our AC ask for (and it’s such a faff!)