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Looking after twin grandsons

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Tjb1963 Wed 13-Nov-19 12:41:17

Hi. Any grans out there looking after or have looked after twins. they are due next month and my daughter plans to return to work when they turn 1. I have said I would look after them for 3 days to cut the cost of childcare. I will be 58 when this happens,. I was really up for this until a few people have been a negative eg are you mad! Rather me than you! Etc. I’m Reasonably
fit, they will pay me which is a bonus. Am I being too sensitive or am I expecting too much from myself. Really hoping for some positivity here.

aggie Wed 13-Nov-19 12:46:10

You will be tired , but so happy to have them , they will love you too

Callistemon Wed 13-Nov-19 12:46:55

Ignore the naysayers and do what you think is right for you.
You're only 58 and say you're reasonably fit so perhaps do it for a trial three months three days a week, but make sure you keep up your own hobbies, activities on the other days.

Some may say that twins could be 'double trouble' but in fact they could be easier as they will entertain each other and will always have each other to play with.

ElaineI Wed 13-Nov-19 12:53:35

Not looked after twins but DGS2 was 7 months and DGS1 10 months when we looked after them (not together!) Don't plan any housework etc on those days. Have your own supplies of wipes, nappies, cream, calpol, thermometer etc as easier in case of emergencies. Keep double buggy at your house as will be easier than handing over large amounts of equipment each day. Have toys at your house - charity shops are great to buy extra toys - each baby will probably bring their favourite toy as well. 2 travel cots for naps. We have 1. have lots of age appropriate books. Batch cook whatever their meals are. Source things in your area to take them to eg. book bug in library, mums and tots (lots of grannies use these too), child friendly parks. And have fun but expect to be tired when they go home.

Yehbutnobut Wed 13-Nov-19 13:13:56

Not twins but looked after three grandchildren (cousins) under 2 all at the same time. They mainly played with each other.

blondenana Wed 13-Nov-19 13:22:14

I have had twins, grown up now of course they were very easy to look after, even when toddling and walking,

ayse Wed 13-Nov-19 13:29:55

My DD3 has twins almost 5 years ago and had 1 year maternity leave. I helped out a lot during this time and got to know them really well at the age of 62.

When she returned to work I had them for 2 days a week and thoroughly enjoyed every moment. Of course, it was not always easy. I found a toddler and baby group fairly close by and we always walked there for fresh air and exercise providing it wasn’t tipping it down.

Lots of people said it must be hard work but I didn’t find it so.

Go for it and have fun. I’m sure you won’t regret a moment. I haven’t

BlueBelle Wed 13-Nov-19 13:36:37

I think twins are easier as they will ( hopefully) play together as they get older and 58 is so young In my 70s I was still having 5 cousins for a fortnight each summer (no husband to help) but they played with each other and I only had to oversee them really we got out and about en masse and left them to do craft work and drawing on the big table when it was wet
They re all teens now and I barely see them I miss those lovely trips out
You ll have a great time don’t listen to the negatives
Good luck

Greenfinch Wed 13-Nov-19 14:20:13

I was 60 when my twin grandchildren were born and I had them for the first year of their lives. It was no problem because the girl was a good sleeper and the boy had one of those swing chairs which he was happy in. I do have a husband though which made life easier even though he was working full time then.It was an absolutely lovely time for us. Don't be put off by others who have no experience of it. You don't need to feel guilty about devoting your whole time to them and because I couldn't easily go out,friends came to me for coffee and helped out as well.I thoroughly enjoyed it but would not like to repeat it now that I am in my 70's. 58 is no age at all. Go for it.

3dognight Wed 13-Nov-19 14:28:50

I'm sure it will all be fine. ElaineL gives some very good tips.

I can't add much really other than perhaps space the days you have them over the full week, not on consecutive days?

EllanVannin Wed 13-Nov-19 14:35:16

I was 66 when twins arrived in the family and I had no problem with them. They're more trouble now at 13 !

sodapop Wed 13-Nov-19 16:16:22

Yes try it for a set period Tbj1963 then review the situation with your daughter to check you are both happy with the way things are going. Elaine had some good suggestions, also don't plan to do much else other than child care on those days. I'm sure it will be fine, you are still a young Gran. Good luck.

Poppyred Wed 13-Nov-19 17:23:00

Look after them in your daughters house so that you can go home to a tidy home and a rest, otherwise you will spend ages every day clearing up after them.

GagaJo Wed 13-Nov-19 17:39:23

Tjb1963 I would ADORE being able to give up work to look after my grandson. YES he's hard work. But also, I adore him. We get limited time with our grandchildren (and mine lives with me!), embrace and appreciate every minute.

Tjb1963 Wed 13-Nov-19 18:04:03

Thank you for all your comments, much appreciated. The plan is that I go to their house on the days I look after them so that takes care of a lot of concerns.

Callistemon Wed 13-Nov-19 18:23:53

All their own toys, cots, etc, that sounds good.

Suerussell Wed 13-Nov-19 18:35:23

I haven’t looked after twins, but like you did 3 days care for my grandchildren. I really enjoyed it, but it was tiring, sometimes I was in bed for 8pm!

I got a playpen, every day they surprise you with some new act of devilment! I could pop them in there if the phone rang or someone came to the door. Saying that, it was really my eldest one who needed watching constantly. The next 2 could be given play doh, or dollies and would play nicely, not launch items at the TV or climb in the fireplace.

I’m sure you will enjoy it!

TerriT Wed 13-Nov-19 19:31:47

My daughter had twins and returned to work after maternity leave of a year. I looked after them two days a week for 8 months and loved every minute of it. I had a 140 mile round trip to her house as well. I had to stay the night in between but that was fine. They were just a year when I started and I was 62 but I so enjoyed the time with them. I had a good routine and took them out in their wonderful easy to push 3 wheeler pushchair thingy every day. I walked miles and lost weight which was great. I took them to the toddler group for a couple of hours on one of the mornings. Oh how I wish I could turn the clock back and do it all again. They were and remain fabulous kids. Go for it and I am sure you’ll be so glad you did.

Nandalot Wed 13-Nov-19 20:25:15

My DD has twins. She went back to work when they were a year and we looked after them on Wednesdays to break up nursery time and did some of the drop offs and pick ups. I was 63. Now they are at school we do the school runs. It has been amazing. Everything is so new to them that you start to see the world with fresh eyes. I can honestly say it is rejuvenating but exhausting at the same time!

NanKate Wed 13-Nov-19 21:27:40

Personally I would only offer 2 days unless you have bags of energy. We have regularly (not weekly) looked after our 2 grandsons now 8 and 6 and it has been fun but exhausting but we are early 70s. You need bear in mind that you can just take a holiday when you want and if you are ill you will need to soldier on. I don’t mean to be negative but 3 days a week at 58 is a lot IMO.

NanKate Wed 13-Nov-19 21:31:05

I see I am the only person who has not encouraged you, so just ignore my comments.

fiorentina51 Wed 13-Nov-19 22:58:10

I was 62 when our twin grandsons arrived and husband was 64. We worked pretty well as a team but nappy changing was my domain, mainly because DH suffers from rheumatoid arthritis. I found it hard work initially until I got used to their routine. My only problem was backache from the constant bending and picking up of one or other of the babies.
As they grew older, it was so much easier as they played together from quite an early age. I rarely had to entertain them unlike their older brother who wanted a lot more attention.

As others have said, have a supply of toys, clothes, books, nappies etc. Especially nappies...our two both came down with a tummy bug and we got through 60+ nappies in 2 days. 🙄
Go for it. 😊