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I thought I was pretty savvy.........

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Applegran Mon 18-Nov-19 12:11:53

I have recently joined Amazon Prime (and of course there are pros and cons but it works for me) and then received some automated phone calls saying 'Amazon Prime was about to take £x from my account' I didn't pay much attention - of course they would take money now I"d signed up! But then I listened more carefully to the next call and it said it would take £39 that month and if I wished to discontinue with AP I could do so now. £39 was far too much and I was concerned, so I pressed a key on my phone and talked to a real person , who persuaded me that the annual subscription was far more than I'd thought. Writing it like this, it is clear right now that I should have been suspicious - but I'd only just joined and it seemed to follow my doing that. They asked me to go to my computer, and go into Google Chrome and enter Team Viewer so "they could discontinue my subscription " for me. Finally the penny dropped and I said "I'm not giving you access to my computer!" and the line went dead. So I will be even more vigilant in future - but when an email or call happens to follow something you've signed up for or bought, it is easy to be less alert to the idea that this could be a scam. I know we are constantly warned to be careful - when I am suspicious I usually google e.g. Hermes Scam email (I've recently recieved some of those too) and up comes confirmation that it really is a scam. So I was almost caught - and wanted to re-inforce the messages about caution - there are people out there who, sadly, we really cannot trust.

Elegran Mon 18-Nov-19 12:25:41

I've had those phone calls about Amazon Prime taking money from my account, too - but as I don't have Prime I put the phone down on them at once.