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shortage of dentists

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travelsafar Thu 21-Nov-19 17:13:57

Watching the final of Junior Bake off i believe the shortage of dentists is highlighted very clearly here.
Out of the 6 children 3 of them have some serious issues with their teeth poor things. Is this a lack of care on behalf of their parents or because they cant get registered with a dentist. It is such a shame.
I suffered terribly as a child with having serious teeth issues and had to have teeth removed and worn a brace to bring teeth down then another to push them back, plus one on the bottom to to push teeth out, my bite was all wrong. I can still remember being embarressed by my teeth. My poor mum said she felt like we were always at the dentist as i had to go every two weeks to have braces tighten!!! It paid off in the end thoughsmile Really hope these children get their teeth sorted. Teeth are such a big thing nowadays.

BBbevan Thu 21-Nov-19 17:59:26

I am 75 and have always been able to access an NHS dentist. That is until we moved to Wales. I cannot find one at all in my area and on the news it said there were no NHS dentists in Carmarthenshire, or surrounding counties. Will have to pay now even though I have paid national insurance all my working life.