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Good Morning Friday

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12Michael Fri 13-Dec-19 06:11:41

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark, wet and windy here in Brackley this morning.
Weekly shop this morning , think weather will dictate as to rest of day for me.

NanKate Fri 13-Dec-19 20:57:57

I’m on the metro tablets too and have been warned about not taking them with alcohol. I finished my course today so with a bit of luck I can have a glass of wine on Monday at the Keep Fit Xmas Lunch.

I am sure the tablets will help Gillybob.

GranMags2 Fri 13-Dec-19 19:12:21

Just a quickie for gillybob. I was a dental hygienist in another life and it sounds like they have given you metronidazole. It is very good, so should settle things in a couple of days, but it is important NOT to take a drink as will make you pretty sick. 😟 But another bit of advice, you may be grinding/clenching your teeth with all the stress. I do this so know what it's like. Try to smile to yourself as you go to sleep, also just relax your jaw, even open your mouth a bit and drop your shoulders. Take long deep breaths too, using your diaphragm to breathe, all helps relax. I had my hubby in hospital again this yr with a heart attack and had to remind myself to do these things to try to release the stress. Hope you get some rest for the day your lovely husband gets home to you. xx

NfkDumpling Fri 13-Dec-19 16:21:02

Just came on to catch up and was going to say exactly the same as GrannySomerset. You’ve had so much on your plate Gilly, building up over the whole of the summer, I rather feel you could do with a week in ICU!

cornergran Fri 13-Dec-19 14:03:36

Just caught up gilly. I truly hope the tooth pain subsides very quickly, it can’t be helping. When care for a a close friend seemed inadequate, we felt she was being treated disrespectfully, her daughter and I spoke plainly to the consultant and also the ward manager giving examples. There was immediate improvement. I often think hospitals are not the place for recovery but do also agree with others, please don’t try to do all his care yourself. Sending love and wishing you both well.

Nannytopsy Fri 13-Dec-19 13:24:45

Gillybob I do hope your tooth starts to improve soon. I really feel for you. 💐

JenniferEccles Fri 13-Dec-19 12:12:02

Gillybob although I can fully understand how concerned you are about your husband’s care I think you need to concentrate on the positives.

Your husband had very good care in ICU. They got him well enough to now be on a ward and he is making progress.

You have a lot to be grateful to the NHS for so take comfort from that.

Your daughter insists you get a tree for her daughter? I’m sorry but haven’t you got enough on your plate along with everything you have been through these past months?

GrannySomerset Fri 13-Dec-19 11:26:05

Gilly - I am sure you are right to think that DH would improve faster at home but do insist on some sort of care package because you can’t do it all. The tooth problem tells you how run down and exhausted you are, and 24 hour care would be impossible if you really go down with something and you both needed looking after. Thinking of you both.

Feelingmyage55 Fri 13-Dec-19 11:14:13

gillybob 🏆

Urmstongran Fri 13-Dec-19 10:43:45

Your gum infection will be pulling you right down gillybob I hope you feel better soon with the antibiotics.

It really does seem like progress has been made in your husband. To even be asking in a lucid moment ‘that didn’t happen did it?’ is fantastic!

gillybob Fri 13-Dec-19 10:19:25

As far as they seem to see he is just a miserable weak old man taking up a bed . His speech is very slurred and gravelly (mainly due to recent tracheostomy) and he is still a little confused although he is starting to put himself right given a little time and patience. Yesterday he gave me a saga and then said “that didn’t happen did it ?” And when I said “no, it didn’t” he knew it was just the drugs/delirium . He really did .

I am taking your advice EllanVannin and having a word with “the Mr”
later today . He is quite approachable .

Thank you all again for kind words and understanding . smile

Nortsat46 Fri 13-Dec-19 10:08:04

Good morning Mick and the GM team ...currently grey and damp in east London.

In the spirit of being positive, (as in the tone of this lovely thread), I am going to wash and change the cushion covers and throws today - then I will feel like I have accomplished something useful.
All cards and parcels posted and all the decorations are up - so a day of cleaning and tidying, I think.

Good thoughts to all facing challenges today (inc gillybob and dragonfly).
Have a good day team ...💐

NannyJan53 Fri 13-Dec-19 10:06:43

Just read your post gilly so sorry you are still going through the mill. Tooth pain is the last thing you need at the moment.

I cannot understand why the Staff are treating him like this. Surely they have read his notes!

I agree that he should be at home as soon as it is possible.

Love to you both

Auntieflo Fri 13-Dec-19 10:03:44

Good morning Michael, Annie, and all.
Gillybob, sorry to hear that you are feeling so down at the moment. Wretched, constant toothache doesn't help one bit.
Wish for your sake that you could have a good glug of something alcoholic, to take the edge off, but I know you can't. Enjoy your time with Evie, and maybe, a tiny tree?
We didn't venture into the loft yesterday, but DH has assured me that we will, this morning! Then I shall attempt to wrap presents, and make the little spare bedroom, usable again.
At least I won't have to worry about tonight's meal, as there is enough left over from yesterday. Nice.
My parcel arrived from A....n, late yesterday, and the box is just the right size to hold DGGS christmas presents. Result.
To Lins, Dragonfly and all those with health problems, wishing you a speedy recovery.
Have a good day one and all.

EllanVannin Fri 13-Dec-19 09:55:03

Just this minute read your post Gillybob. I agree that your DH would be better at home and would soon pick up among the family and familiarities. Maybe the " main man " could suggest this happens next week sometime as they do like to see patients going home before Christmas where possible.

It is hard to feel Christmassy with what you've been through but once you have the tree up it'll give you some oomph to get cracking and think/arrange for DH to come home too next week and lift his spirits up as well, he's been through a lot, as have you xx

nonnasusie Fri 13-Dec-19 09:47:38

Good morning from a wet and windy Warrington. I arrived in Manchester yesterday to be greeted by torrential rain and wind! Spent the night at my sons house and I am now waiting for my daughter to pick me up and take me back to her house. It's DGD birthday next week and she's having a party on Sunday. I shall just be a spectator as it's a trampolining partygrin. I fly home on Tuesday so it's only a quick visit. DH is animal sitting at home!
My thoughts are with gillybob and all those not well. I do read this thread most mornings but don't post often. Have a good weekend everyone.

conor Fri 13-Dec-19 09:46:28

Oh Gillybobs I do feel for you and what you are going through on all sides. Do put that tree up, if only for Evie and remember past Happy Xmas's and the ones to come! Hoping your DH will be home for Xmas and what a present that would be! flowerssunshinexxx

Charleygirl5 Fri 13-Dec-19 09:42:58

I am like Gillybob I have a trip to the dentist because of toothache but mine is nothing like hers but I would like it sorted because there are too many BHs. Friday the 13th is not my chosen date but needs must.

So sorry to hear that the care is dire- maybe have a word with the ward sister telling her your husband's IQ is normal. You must be in a better state to take him home and you must have as much help as you can get because 24/7 is not fun.

EllanVannin Fri 13-Dec-19 09:37:10

Ooooh, Urmstongran, I too have the Burford brown eggs ( if I can't get the local farm ones ) they're in my Christmas cake

Good Morning All x
A blowy morning but it was chucking it down earlier and must have been that which woke me up at 03.50 but could I get to sleep again ? could I thump . I did eventually however and the cats settled again. Next time I looked it was 08.30 !
What a lazy madam.

Must get some tidying up done and flick the duster around in readiness to put the tree up at the weekend. I daren't go far as I don't want to miss the parcel man, so it'll be a quick dart about should I need anything desperately.

Hoping everyone is well and manages to dodge the showers if out. Also thoughts to the Gillybobs xx, Dragonfly too hoping it's a better day for you, or those who are feeling seedy.

gillybob Fri 13-Dec-19 09:33:32

Good morning from the NE coast.

Yet another visit to my dentist yesterday with agonising, throbbing toothache resulted in yet more antibiotics. I am taking 2 at the same time and according to the pharmacist the side effects of one can be quite nasty and I must not drink alcohol (chance would be a fine thing) . Dentist planning on opening the root canal again next week but wants to try and get the infection down first which is just another load of cr*p to deal with .

DH now on ward but I am not very happy with care, or rather the lack of it. Yes I appreciate he has been used to having one to one nursing in ICU but really It is beyond me why some people enter this profession as they couldn’t “care” any less if they tried.

Just counting the days until I can bring him home and look after him properly with the respect he deserves, instead of him being treat and spoken to, like he is some kind of idiot . His consultant saw him yesterday and I told him exactly what I thought. He agreed he would be better off at home. He managed to stand for a few seconds with a frame yesterday but felt very dizzy which is apparently normal.

Don’t really want to go into politics in this lovely thread but no surprise that the LP won the seat in our town again. I don’t know why they hold elections here, as a monkey could stand as long as it wore the red rosette. The problem being that they have no real competition which makes them lazy and complacent.

Anyway it’s Friday again and still my little Friday girl stays away, nothing much to celebrate here . We have had a real Christmas tree for the last few years so no tree to put up although DD insisting I should go out and buy a cheap artificial one for Evie, who I am having for an overnight at the weekend. I may well do, although I couldn’t feel less Christmassy if I tried.

Hope those feeling poorly and under the weather feel better soon, especially dragonfly and lins and those enjoying happy times continue to do so.

Love Gillybob xx

harrigran Fri 13-Dec-19 09:24:46

Good morning from a dry, at present, NE.
The heavens opened yesterday as we left the cathedral, despite GD and I having umbrellas we still got pretty wet.
Maybe a fish and chip lunch out today and then to try and get some chores done.
Love to the gillybobs.

conor Fri 13-Dec-19 09:06:15

Good morning from a brightening Essex. Have DGS2 age3 coming this morning as parents going out for lunch with friends today and I'm in charge of bringing him to his nursery Xmas "production" He is a 'Xmas Pudding' and knows his song very well. I'm sure it will be a delight but hope he doesn't get star struck!! 🌟😂
Then collect DGS1 fron school and have them both for a sleepover Think I will need a quiet day tomorrow😴
Hope everyone has the best day they can xxx

Mythbirtthedragon Fri 13-Dec-19 08:38:53

Good morning from east London, where is cold, wet and miserable. I know as my first task today was to run to the end of the road and retrieve our car as a parking space had appeared outside our house. The borough have applied stringent parking restrictions while the big event over the road is on this weekend, I assume to help with crowd control etc. We got back at nearly midnight yesterday after a very full working day, to see them testing the light display, long poles of different changing colours. Tried to take a pic, but ended up with a reflection of myself in the window. Builders are back as they have to fully strip and revarnish the loft staircase; they did make a mess of it previously. I will be disappearing to tennis coaching this morning (on the bus as I’m not allowed to use the car...) then this evening we’re meeting an old friend of DP in town for a meal; he specifically asked if I’d come. I think I dilute the conversation a bit as him and DP can be very intense, but what will we have to talk about. Hope everyone has the best day they can.

Alygran Fri 13-Dec-19 08:36:20

Good morning from North Yorkshire. We have a clear sky and a beautiful sunrise.
Just put some laundry on and will do some housework this morning then put some decorations up.
Sending good wishes to all who are poorly or struggling in any way today.
Have a good day everyone.

Yiayia4 Fri 13-Dec-19 08:30:01

Morning everyone.

Grey wet and windy here in Surrey.
Last of the presents to buy today! And school run later GSs for tea.
Thinking ofGilly have a safe Friday13th all.

Grammaretto Fri 13-Dec-19 08:29:08

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. Cold and dark Friday 13th.

I didn't stay up but listened enough to the radio to get the gist.

Yoga this morning and then see how to help with family problems.

Sending healing thoughts to the Gillybobs and any who are suffering.