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Anyone having problems

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BlueBelle Mon 16-Dec-19 08:05:21

Anyone having problems posting this morning I ve just written a new thread which has not been posted saying you must have more than 20 characters to post well I had about 20 lines !!! so what’s that all about

HQ help please

BlueBelle Mon 16-Dec-19 08:07:54

This is weird as this thread has posted ok so I presumed the problem had righted itself but just gone back to post my original and same message a little short you must have more than 20 characters !!!

cornergran Mon 16-Dec-19 08:13:27

Mick seems to have the same issue in the good morning thread. Maybe email HQ? It is odd.

Marydoll Mon 16-Dec-19 08:18:31

I had problems last night when posting and this morning, despite being permanently logged on, on my PC, had to log on again.
Gremlins in the works. 🤔

shandi6570 Mon 16-Dec-19 08:48:16

I think the message refers to the title of the thread, although why it has become a problem I have no idea. It seems some people can write a short thread title and others not, Mick is having the same problem. This thread has exactly 20 characters in its title, probably the one you want to post has less. Hope this helps.

annsixty Mon 16-Dec-19 08:48:49

I have had problems for several days when using the i-Pad.
I have to log in even when going on to another thread.
Very annoying though a minor thing.

BlueBelle Mon 16-Dec-19 08:54:17

Ahh shandie I think you’ve got it By George I think you have my title only has two words
How very strange had a quick look through the threads and there’s others with only two words must be a new rule but WHY?

Urmstongran Mon 16-Dec-19 08:55:07

All fine for me though Ive not started a thread. I use an iPad.

BlueBelle Mon 16-Dec-19 09:01:09

Yes mines an iPad too Um it appears you now cannot start a thread with less than 20 characters in the title but WHY? It seems very picky and petty to me

Auntieflo Mon 16-Dec-19 09:04:19

I first noticed this problem on Friday 13th confused
Then it was flagged up on the Good Morning Sunday thread, and now again.
I have also seen that Bluebelle started a conversation on the same subject.
I wonder why GNHQ hasn't come back and explained yet?

annsixty Mon 16-Dec-19 09:05:35

The explanation gives is so that more information is given as to the content of the thread.
Good morning seems fairly self explanatory to me!!

BlueBelle Mon 16-Dec-19 09:09:54

But why annsuxty
Help please’ would be rejected why do I have to say ‘help please I just got hit on the head with a cupboard door’
And no I don’t think it’s self explanatory for about ten minutes I was puzzling because I thought my post wasn’t long enough it doesn’t say your title is nt long enough and that doesn’t answer my question as to Why ?

Elegran Mon 16-Dec-19 09:28:08

But some people can write a thread title with far more than 20 characters and STILL confuse everyone! Surely it would be better to just put in the guidelines that it is helpful to have a thread title that gives a clue about the content?

HQ could also, of course, be helpful and point all new members to the guidelines and to a page explaining how the site is organised and how to start a new thread and so on - newbies frequently have to ask for assistance about basic forum use.

ninathenana Mon 16-Dec-19 09:43:10

I just had to change the title of a new thread for it to post.
If this is the new rule why were we not warned by GHQ

elastic Mon 16-Dec-19 09:57:47

More HQ rubbish. hmm

annsixty Mon 16-Dec-19 10:01:23

I didn't explain myself well at all.
I meant I could'nt see any thing wrong with Good morning what ever day it was.
No criticism was intended to anyone but GNHQ.

Blinko Mon 16-Dec-19 10:08:24

With the current issues with BT email addresses, as well as this thread, I'm wondering if GNHQ has had new IT people recently. Maybe IT is outsourced and the contract went to a new company, for instance.

Hence we're getting some rather strange anomalies occurring on the site.

Just a thought.

BlueBelle Mon 16-Dec-19 10:14:43

annsuxty 👍🏼

SarahCGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 16-Dec-19 11:26:57

Hi everyone - we're really sorry about this problem. The tech team have been trialling a new feature where thread titles have to be 20 characters or more. We've decided not to go ahead with this (we can tell our users aren't too keen! blush). The trial is over now, so threads should be back to working normally. Let us know if you're still having any problems.

BlueBelle Mon 16-Dec-19 11:55:42

Thanks for your reply Sarah stand down girls back to normal whatever that might be

ninathenana Mon 16-Dec-19 13:15:09

Good news

EllanVannin Mon 16-Dec-19 13:42:38

No problems here.

Auntieflo Mon 16-Dec-19 13:53:07

Thank goodness Sarah.
The phrase "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", comes to mind