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Words out of initials (first name, middle name, surname)

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TwinLolly Tue 17-Dec-19 07:10:23

I wonder if anyone has a look a their initials and can make a word out of it.

For example: I used to be LAE (which means "low" in another language.)
Then I became LAK (perhaps I "lacked" something!)
And now I am LAS (well... I am a lass: girl/woman!)

Just food for thought or a laugh. But I don't wish to offend anyone at all!

callgirl1 Tue 17-Dec-19 17:49:26

Before and after I married I was JLS, doesn`t make a word, but it WAS a pop group.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 17-Dec-19 18:00:29

On the paternal side of my family all of our initials spell words, this goes back 5/6 generations.

Haven’t continued with our children though.

TwinLolly Tue 17-Dec-19 21:46:12

Thinking about it, my dad was IRE blush! (Unfortunately he did become a grumpy, angry person in his late years.confused)

Mum, with a maiden name, was CAW but at least she didn't caw like a crow!

LullyDully Wed 18-Dec-19 08:01:23

Yes mine used to be MAL. When I got married it became MAT!!!