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Fed up with politics and winter?

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inkcog Tue 17-Dec-19 18:25:20

Try " Virgin River" on netflix. So far no dead prostitutes in skips or angst ridden broken people.

sodapop Tue 17-Dec-19 21:07:33

Oh well quite boring then grin

SirChenjin Tue 17-Dec-19 21:11:57

I like the sound of that. I’ve been reduced to watching reruns of The Yorkshire Vet in the hope that Julian Norton will take his top off to save the life of the animals but I need a change of scene.

Callistemon Tue 17-Dec-19 21:19:44

We don't have Netflix so I will have to resort to a good book!

I like the sound of that SirChenjin, although it could be upsetting if he doesn't succeed.

Anniebach Tue 17-Dec-19 21:22:57

I am half way through the series Upstairs Downstairs, next week Lark Rise to Candleford.

Who wants anymore politics

SirChenjin Tue 17-Dec-19 21:27:17

Julian always succeeds 😍 (at least, he does on TV...confused)

Callistemon Tue 17-Dec-19 21:42:16

He has passed me by (how?)

SirChenjin Tue 17-Dec-19 21:45:44

Don’t worry - I have quite an unusual taste!

Callistemon Tue 17-Dec-19 21:48:30

My friend used to say that watching Lark Rise to Candleford was 'like watching paint dry'.
However, I enjoyed it, not least because some of the people portrayed are in my family tree.

FlyingFree Tue 17-Dec-19 21:49:21

I'm watching The Vampire Diaries again 🙂

Devorgilla Tue 17-Dec-19 21:59:14

I was so depressed by the election result I have to confess to getting it out of my system by watching The Purge on Prime. Not for the faint hearted.

Curlywhirly Tue 17-Dec-19 22:32:00

Aw, loved Lark Rise to Candleford, lovely gentle programme for a Sunday evening.