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Royal Staff Christmas Party

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Calendargirl Wed 18-Dec-19 21:54:02

Just been reading that the Sussexs’ will not be making an appearance at the Queen’s annual Christmas staff party. They are still abroad apparently. And also not attending another family do which includes the more minor royals who don’t go to Sandringham.
Also seen the Cambridges’ family Christmas card. H &M ‘s not been seen yet.
They are certainly keeping a low profile during their break.
Hope they return in the New Year with positivity and purpose.

mumofmadboys Wed 18-Dec-19 22:16:17

I think it is totally up to Harry and Meghan and the media should leave them alone.

notanan2 Wed 18-Dec-19 22:20:23

I think it is totally up to Harry and Meghan and the media should leave them alone.

Oh good, will that mean that in return Meghan will stop saying that we need to listen to what she has to say (so far nothing of substance, but she still thinks we should listen hmm ) and Harry will stop telling us to do what he says not what he does?

Fantastic. That would be lovely.

MissAdventure Wed 18-Dec-19 22:21:13

I don't care what other people do at Christmas.

merlotgran Wed 18-Dec-19 22:28:17

Harry and Meghan who?

merlotgran Wed 18-Dec-19 22:45:31

Probably the party from hell for the kids. grin

MissAdventure Wed 18-Dec-19 22:58:00

It must be like those works "doos" where you have to sit next to the boss and they keep talking about work all night.

Callistemon Wed 18-Dec-19 23:00:19

merlot tchgrin

Actually, they look as if they're on the way to school!
Or they've just been told off.

"Stop fighting!! Remember there's always a cameraman/woman lurking"!
"But she pinched me"!

Ngaio1 Wed 18-Dec-19 23:03:16

Well, it certainly appears that Meme is in charge of what goes on. I presume other Royals have been taking on Harry's duties whilst he has been away.

crazyH Wed 18-Dec-19 23:03:43

Charlotte's face says it all 😂

Callistemon Wed 18-Dec-19 23:06:57

Oh, it takes me back grin

And the little one: 'it was nothing to do with me'

SueDonim Wed 18-Dec-19 23:11:07

‘He/she started it!’

Charlotte looks as though she’s very independent minded. grin

merlotgran Wed 18-Dec-19 23:13:03

George is probably cross because he's now too old to be wearing the soppy shirt. It must be a bit tight by now.

Have they given his hair a Marcel Wave? grin