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Cid24 Fri 20-Dec-19 10:25:58

I’ve just joined .
When you post on here, is your email address accessible by everyone ?

Cid24 Fri 20-Dec-19 10:26:51

When you post on here is your email address accessible to everyone please?

MerylStreep Fri 20-Dec-19 10:27:29


Cid24 Fri 20-Dec-19 10:59:15

So we are anonymous basically?

Hetty58 Fri 20-Dec-19 11:00:40

Yes, don't worry!

Hetty58 Fri 20-Dec-19 11:01:21

and welcome to Gransnet, Cid24!

MissAdventure Fri 20-Dec-19 11:11:13

We are anonymous, but the forums are open, and googling can show people conversations on here, Cid24.
Also, some threads are put onto Facebook and Twitter.

Oldwoman70 Fri 20-Dec-19 11:29:33

Welcome Cid24

Only your user name appears on the site - although as MissAdventure has said sometimes threads do appear on Facebook and even newspapers, so be careful not to post anything which could identify you.

H1954 Fri 20-Dec-19 11:30:49

No, totally anonymous. Of course, there is the private message facility which only seen by yourself and whoever you send a PM to.
I've gained two pen pals by using PM 😁

Cid24 Fri 20-Dec-19 12:21:53

Ok thank you all ☺️

BlueBelle Fri 20-Dec-19 12:25:26

No you’re fine I ve been on here 5 years and as far as I know no ones ever ‘found me out’ a couple of members I ve made friends with have my email address by my choice but no it’s never seen you’re safe
If you want to ask for help with a problem just change some of the details and never post real names etc