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would this work .........

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travelsafar Mon 23-Dec-19 11:41:11

I have been baking all morning and thought to myself when washing out plastic containers for butter and baking spreads why don't they package this in foil wrappers like 'hard' butter. People could then put it in a butter dish like we did years ago and store in the fridge in this manner. Another way to reduce plastic for the planet. Or do you think it wouldn't work???

Shrub Mon 23-Dec-19 11:56:02

I don’t think foil would be strong enough. Maybe waxed card containers? I don’t know how eco friendly that would be though. I frequently buy ready made soup but so many of them are in single use plastic containers. So many things need to change. I do make my own soup too, before anyone jumps on me! 😀

Calendargirl Mon 23-Dec-19 13:03:31

I re-use all my plastic buttertype containers. Freeze home made soup in them, hm pasta sauce, runner beans, left over gravy etc. Takes up more freezer space, but better than putting things in plastic bags, and more economical.

SueDonim Mon 23-Dec-19 18:51:57

I think modern spreads would be too soft for foil wrappings.

The pots can certainly be repurposed though our council also recycles them.