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And a Merry Christmas to you!

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sunseeker Wed 25-Dec-19 09:04:16

Checked my emails this morning - very first one - notice from my energy supplier that my latest bill was "available to view" tchgrin

Merry Christmas to everyone

gillybob Wed 25-Dec-19 09:09:10

A very Merry Christmas to you too Sunseeker tchsmile

My very first email was from Superdrug wishing me a Merry Christmas . Kind of them to remember me I think tchwink

Sara65 Wed 25-Dec-19 09:14:01

Can’t remember, just deleted about fifty!

But, wishing all of you a wonderful Christmas, whatever you’re doing, whoever you’re with.

Nortsat46 Wed 25-Dec-19 09:14:44

My first emails were a balance update from AmEx (it’s quite sizeable) and a £1.30 refund from Tesco.

Merry Christmas to all Gransnetters 🥂🌲

DoraMarr Wed 25-Dec-19 09:17:52

My first WhatsApp was from my niece in Australia, on the beach with a glass of fizz.

Cherrytree59 Wed 25-Dec-19 09:23:17

Merry Christmas to all my Gransnet palstchblush

Just checked my emails
First one email was at 02.08
Wishing me A Happy Christmas and 60% off at Cotton traders!

My first text was from my lovely sister 💜

Cherrytree59 Wed 25-Dec-19 09:26:10

Ps my first call was at 6.15
To shout say "Santa has been"!tchgrin

Riverwalk Wed 25-Dec-19 09:32:02

My first Merry Xmas was from Boden!

Hope everyone has a great day! tchsmile

I'm just about to order an Uber to take me across London -lovely day out there.

shysal Wed 25-Dec-19 09:34:23

Had a text at 6.30am from my newly moved away neighbour. She has gone to Pembrokeshire so sent it in Welsh! Thank goodness for Google. Lovely picture of Porthgain last night at dusk. She has a choice of beaches for sunrise and sunset. tchenvy

grannyactivist Wed 25-Dec-19 10:47:42

My first email was a Christmas greeting from Gransnet at 8.10am.