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Waiting for the phone call....

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Witzend Fri 27-Dec-19 08:46:23

Left dd's last night, where I was doing the cooking, but although no. 3 isn't officially due for a couple of weeks, she has a strong feeling that it won't be very long at all. Nearly turned back last night just a few miles down the road because she thought things were beginning to move. Last time she felt like that, no. 2 arrived barely 3 hours later.
But it settled down.

Although I didn't buy a very big turkey there's still masses left. Would normally eat cold for another day or 2, but given that we might be called away at any time (2 little Gdcs to look after) I have already stripped the turkey this morning - 4 meal-sized packets in the freezer, another lot on the fridge for stew, and a massive pot of carcass and all the leftover bits of bacon, stuffing, etc. simmering up for stock.

Good job dh loves turkey stew!

sodapop Fri 27-Dec-19 08:52:58

Exciting time Witzend hope all goes well with your daughter and the baby when he or she arrives. Best wishes to all the family.

NannyJan53 Fri 27-Dec-19 09:00:19

How exciting for you Witzend. Sending best wishes to your daughter. flowers