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Whisper it quietly!

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midgey Sun 29-Dec-19 13:13:24

The sun has just come out......and rain isn’t in the forecast for today. Hurray!

Barmeyoldbat Sun 29-Dec-19 13:49:46

Yes thats lovely but I am feeling so rotten with this virus I can't face going outside to enjoy it. Still it looks good through the window.

lavenderzen Sun 29-Dec-19 14:41:44

Well, it came out briefly here in the Derbyshire hills but has gone again. Back to normal, dark and dismal but no rain at the moment which is rare!

BBbevan Sun 29-Dec-19 15:27:54

It was promised here in SWWales, but has been shy and retiring. Also supposed to be mild. It was not with a very cold wind.

SueDonim Sun 29-Dec-19 15:30:09

We’ve had a few sunny spells here in Scotland, interspersed with ominous stormy-looking clouds. The thermometer is going up and up, possibly reaching 15deg today. shock We’re grateful for 15deg on a summer’s day, let alone a winters day! tchgrin