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Ngaio1 Fri 03-Jan-20 14:03:33

I blushingly announce that I have discovered the two boxed, ready to plant Amaryllis that hid themselves before Christmas! My question is: do I now plant and see what happens or leave until November this year. Thank you.

midgey Fri 03-Jan-20 14:09:12

Do it! They will still flower.

FlexibleFriend Fri 03-Jan-20 14:55:23

Mine are still in the box, they usually are until the first week of january, that's normal.

tanith Fri 03-Jan-20 15:07:43

I bought one in Tesco yesterday for £1:25 on sale, I’ve just watered it I have hope it will grow and flower.

BlueBelle Sat 04-Jan-20 06:54:34

Most people get these for Christmas so New year is the time to start them offI m going to do mine today

ginny Sat 04-Jan-20 08:36:09

It should be fine. I planted mine a couple of days ago.

oldgoat Sat 04-Jan-20 08:43:53

I gave one to DiL and noticed that the top of the box was bulging a bit. When she opened it on Christmas Day it already had a shoot about 4 inches tall!
Luckily it straightened up after it was planted and looks fine now.

Humbertbear Sat 04-Jan-20 09:27:51

Plant it - I planted on at the end of October and it has only just started to grow. I was on the verge of throwing it out which must have spurred it into action!

Smileless2012 Sat 04-Jan-20 09:38:08

They don't start to grow until January. Feed it once a week, when the flowers have died cut off the stem leaving the leaves and continue to feed once a week.

At the end of October, remove the leaves and put in a dark cool place. Next January, re pot in fresh compost and it should flower again. I've got one that has flowered 3 years running and I'm hoping it will flower again this year.

annodomini Sat 04-Jan-20 10:04:50

I bought one in September and it didn't do much for a couple of months. Now it has two stems each with four fully open blooms. It's spectacular! I must have done something right.

Alexa Sat 04-Jan-20 11:32:18

Amaryllis is a lovely name for a girl!

Fennel Sat 04-Jan-20 19:56:55

My sister gave me one in late Nov. I followed the instructions ie keep the compost moist.
As with Annodomini it's now spectacular. A stem of 18ins and 4 blooms.
I didn't know you could cut it back and it will re- flower.
Thanks Smileless.