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Good Afternoon Friday

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Rufus2 Fri 17-Jan-20 06:55:51

Has been a lovely day here in Melb.; 25C, sunny all day after biblical grade weather, fire, flood all in 48 hours. What next? A plague of locusts? Hardly! Probably a plague of bush flies, but we have enough of them already, thank you! hmm

We seem to be having a plague of tennis comps. too with the OZ Open kicking off next week; let's hope the smoke stays away. It was good to see all the tennis stars getting together for that bush-fire appeal. smile
Hoping the rains return, but not all at once, but spreads itself more widely.
Have a Good Day

Sark Fri 17-Jan-20 07:34:37

Good afternoon Rufus
Glad to hear you have had a lovely sunny day ..25C sounds great.
Not so much the fires and floods etc though!
Off to work for me.
Avoid the flies and have a good afternoon!!

JenniferEccles Fri 17-Jan-20 08:44:55

Rufus I think we are predicted the plague of locusts here after we leave the EU 2 weeks today!!