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Good Afternoon Saturday

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Rufus2 Sat 18-Jan-20 11:47:42

Another 32C day in Melb. Missing the rain already! the Gold Coast getting swamped as is SE Queensland generally and NE NSW< but I believe and hope that it's our turn again next week! smile
Something I didn't know! Our Sat. paper reports that Boris J won't go vegan to lose weight during Veganuary because he's a cheese lover' Never associated the two, but makes sense I suppose!

Sardines anyone? Flic(?) Everett, Daily Mail asks " who'd have thought a sardine could have made him cry But opening a tin of the tiny fish brought tears to his eyes! Could this be a spoof? And what's Veganuary?.

Nuclear! (The Australian) "Now is the time to make some hard decisions on our future energy sources"
"China is doubling its nuclear capacity over the next few years apprised of the idea that powering an economy of 1.4 billion people solely with solar and wind is ridiculous."

Oz exports vast quantities for other countries to use, but uses none!"

Have a good day!OoRoo