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hollysteers Thu 30-Jan-20 16:00:05

What’s the worst and best thing that’s ever happened to you?
In my case, losing my husband in 2016 the very worst, and in many ways doesn’t seem to get better, and the best, my two children. I was rather career minded, but was very happy to have children, even though the 20 month age gap held me back professionally. Now they are so thoughtful, I’m not sure I deserve them! What a blessing. Now I wish I’d had a large family, like my grandparents on both sides.
Easy to say that now...😁

AGAA4 Thu 30-Jan-20 16:08:15

Like you hollysteers the worst thing was losing my husband and the best things were my children and grandchildren. I feel sad that he wasn't around to see his grandchildren.

M0nica Thu 30-Jan-20 16:29:33

I doubt the story will vary much form person to person.

Thankfully DH is still alive and active, so the lowest point in my life was the loss of my sister in a road accident when she was 45. My parents lived to a great age and were ready to go, so I feel that that was nature taking its course, but my sister, close to me in age and close to me in other ways as well, was by far the worst that has happened to me and the thirty years that have passed since have not changed this.

Best, like others, my 2 dear children, and, now 2 deat grandchildren, but I do not wish I had had more. Like you it interrupted a career that would have gone further without them, but I still did pretty well.

TwiceAsNice Thu 30-Jan-20 17:42:11

Best is my lovely daughters and my grandchildren

Worst was losing their brother in childhood . There is nothing worse.

Anniebach Thu 30-Jan-20 17:49:49

Best my two daughters and grandchildren

Worse the death of my elder daughter Just over 2 years ago
and the death of my husband 44 years ago

SalsaQueen Thu 30-Jan-20 18:15:17

The sudden and violent death of my 21 yr old brother, 1975, when I was 16 and with him.

My mum's death, 1995

The best things - having my 2 sons (38 and 35 now) and my 2 granddaughters (8 and 5 now)

BlueSky Thu 30-Jan-20 18:20:26

Worst losing my dad, best my sons and grandsons!

Urmstongran Thu 30-Jan-20 18:23:40

The worst was losing £100k at the time of the recession. It took me a long time to stop crying over that big loss but eventually we came to terms with it (no choice!) and moved on.

The best has to be our two lovely daughters to whom we are very close and one of whom has given us two gorgeous grandchildren - the icing on our cake!

FlexibleFriend Thu 30-Jan-20 18:36:51

The worst was losing both parents as a teenager, mum when I was 14 and dad when I was 16, both to cancer mum was only 48. Best was obviously my two kids and their dad even though we're no longer together. Without him there would be no them and we remain friends.

DanniRae Thu 30-Jan-20 19:22:31

Best thing - my 2 daughters and my son and the grandson that my daughter gave me last May (when she was 45!!) smile

Worse - my mum and dad moving hundreds of miles away when I was 29. I missed them -especially my mum - so much and it still makes me want to cry just thinking about it. sad

Nanabanana1 Thu 30-Jan-20 20:38:11

The worst losing my husband of 50 years in 2016 and middle daughter 18months later, best the wonderful and ongoing support of my oldest and youngest daughters and my son and the love of my grandchildren xx

kittylester Thu 30-Jan-20 21:04:54

Best: my lovely family - DH, 2 sons, 3 daughters and 9 grandchildren.

Worst: our eldest son suffered a life changing stroke at the age of 35.

Ginny42 Thu 30-Jan-20 21:22:06

Worst - losing both parents before I was 26. It affected my life for many years. When my ex left with my friend and colleague.

Best - the love and friendship of my lovely daughter and my grandson. Getting my life back on track post divorce.

Grannybags Thu 30-Jan-20 21:29:29

Best: my lovely sons and families

Worst: My youngest brother drowning when he was 26 and my middle brother taking his own life in 2016

vampirequeen Thu 30-Jan-20 21:41:38

Worst was losing my son to Cot Death. Best was meeting my DH.

JuliaM Thu 30-Jan-20 22:07:52

Worst, loosing my Mum(60) and my Daughter(36) to Breast cancer. I then discovered that my father had been unfaithful to Mum for quite some time during her illness. He remarried very quickly within a few months of Mums passing. I was an only child and Heartbroken, as was my mother’s Sister.
I felt quite numb throughout my Daughters cancer journey, it felt unreal, l did everything possible to make her bucket list of Memories come true. I was on strong antidepressant mediation myself to help me cope, and to enable me to support the rest of my daughters as they faced and Nursed their sister to the very end.
The best? Meeting my second husband 35years ago and knowing he was ‘the one’ within 6 weeks of knowing him. My family thought that l was crazy, met him at Halloween, engaged on Christmas Day, married the following February!
We also have two daughters together and a total of 12 Grandchildren and 4 Great Grandchildren, who we love dearly and get to see most of them regularly as they live nearby.

mumofmadboys Fri 31-Jan-20 00:01:44

Best - meeting and marrying DH and also having 5 sons
Worse - losing our DD to stillbirth and becoming estranged from my sister.

cookiemonster66 Fri 31-Jan-20 17:32:14

Best thing - my grandchildren, and attending the births.

My worst was when my daughter died suddenly recently, to be honest I do not know how I even survived the pain of it, every day is a battle, but I focus on the grandchildren and they have brought love & emotion back to my empty numb life.

Yiayia4 Fri 31-Jan-20 18:03:38

Worse my eldest son losing his leg ended up with a very high above knee amputation.
The best he copes so well and we are so proud of him.
And of course our four lovely grandsons.