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Good Evening Friday

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Rufus2 Fri 31-Jan-20 13:38:17

Thank you all for your good night wishes. I managed to hit the hay about 1.30a.m and after barely 5 mins of lying there in all my glory Commando style; no sheet no nothing.I went out like a light
Awake at 6 and spent the next hour scratching myself and planning my day! The freedom of Commando for scratching! There's only one thing better than a good scratch and that's have someone do my scratching for me grin
Megs; you're right! it must have been something I said that caused the rats to flee or maybe they knew what I was about to say regarding red bloomers and "purple!" ??

Tennis nearly finished, but despite some heavy showers it's still very warm and muggy
The search for absent friends hasn't produced many wa nderers. Where is our oldest member Bijou? Never seems to post hmm
Megs thanks for your concern, but nothing serious. It's part of the Govt. strategy of keeping us less mobile Oldies in
their homes for as long as possible! Nurses do home visits
in small sedans to dispense medications, dressings personal hygiene etc If necessary you can get all the bells and whistles! Oh, most importantly, they also dispense chat! ['grin]
It's Saturday and raining ! Not exactly typical smile

Doodle Fri 31-Jan-20 14:01:48

I expect the rain is welcome Rufus with it being so hot. I couldn’t bear the temperatures you have in Australia (I find it difficult in the UK in summer 😀).
Have you lived there all your life or did you move there with your family?

rafichagran Fri 31-Jan-20 17:41:35

Good evening Rufus, glad you got some sleep in all that heat. Just driven over to DD to collect a very tired very stroppy Grandson from school.
Sleep well.

Buffybee Fri 31-Jan-20 18:03:03

Hi Rufus I'm pleased that you can manage to sleep in the heat and your Nurses are looking after you ok.
Will you be watching the Man City v Spurs this Sunday?
Have we any chance to get the number 1 spot in the Premier League?
Keep cool.......while we try to keep warm. grin OoRoo

Rufus2 Sat 01-Feb-20 13:41:21

Will you be watching the Man City v Spurs this Sunday?
Not "live"! It's on at 3.30am , but in any case even though all EPL games are recorded and available for free, I always check results on the PC and if City have lost which isn't often, but too often this season, I don't bother! Cowardly, I know. sad