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BBC Red button service

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Franbern Sat 01-Feb-20 10:26:38

was really dreading today - not only being out of the largest free trading club in the world, but - more personally - the BBC stopping their Red Button service.
l use this quite a lot - yes I do have a smart phone and a good laptop - but part of my morning routine is to check the news headlines on the red button, and then I also use it for weather notice for the next five days - particularly when I am going to visit one of my children in other parts of the country. Also use it to check travel problems before I go off on a journey.
Do understand how the BBC is having to make severe financial cut-backs as the government seems to have washed their hands of them - even trying to blame them for the cuts taking place in provision of free licences for over-75's. (BBC only took these over temporarily as government decided to cut them). But, knew I would really miss this red button service.
Got up this morning and, without thinking, pressed the red button and read the news as usual. Then I realised that it should not still be there. Checked again and saw notification by BBC that as so many organisations - particularly those representing older people and those with disabilities, they have made the wonderful decision to keep it going and re-review it again later this year.
WELL DONE - BBC - you are such a wonderful organisation.

infoman Sun 02-Feb-20 08:14:38

Good decision by the BBC,
just wish the BBC would do more programmes with
"in vision sub titles"as opposed to dub overs.
Regarding dub overs on the radio,please BBC stop it.
When you get older,its bad enough trying to listen to one voice let alone two at the same time on the radio.

With all these BBC "cutbacks"
I hope we don't see any more reporters standing outside
M of D, foreign office and the home office on Sunday mornings reporting LIVE when very few are in the buildings mentioned.