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Good Evening Saturday

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Rufus2 Sat 01-Feb-20 12:39:25

Must hurry; they've let me out for only 2 hours! hmm
You wouldn't believe it! We had rain overnight, steady rain all day and steady drizzle up until now 10.15pm
The sort that reminds me of our "summer" holidays in Cornwall; Par, Polperro, Padstow, Penzance! etc. Shrouded in misty drizzle; notice they all start with a "P"!? wink
Buffy I thought you were about to say you were glad I was able to sleep in he buff, which was true, but not tonight! Cold as charity! The ACT could do with some; still battling fires up there.
City won't make top spot I'm afraid; I'm not familiar with all the comps, but I imagine they're already focussing on Europe.
Doodle Lived in England "till 1971 then upped sticks and moved to Melbourne with family, bought our (new) house and lived in it ever since; 49th anniversary in 3weeks! shock
Question; What is it with women? Yesterday my Friday visiting nurse stepped inside and immediately said it smelt "musty". Bear in mind that she has placed a standing order for the Air/Con and ceiling fan to be switched on ahead of her scheduled arrivals and I had duly complied. Also consider that it was 42C outside and the accepted differential of 15C inside for comfort.
I was immediately mindful of the discussion Basil had with Mrs. Richards about her room, but being a calm, considerate gentleman who bends over backwards to avoid confrontation, I held my tongue.
We call it shifting the goal posts, jut when you think you've scored. confused
The Brexit countdown made exciting TV. Was the Big Ben "Bong" real or a recording; lost track of its maintenance prog.?
Unfortunate accident for that poor fellow in Tas. being bitten 5 times by a Tiger snake. Being in remote areas it's almost impossible to administer anti venene in time and so he died. sad Hot summers are guaranteed to bring them out more frequently to sun bathe, but it pays not to step on them.
They're a protected species! Walking with a noisy footstep is advised as they are shy and more afraid of us than we are of them! hmm But great rat-catchers!

Oopsadaisy3 Sat 01-Feb-20 13:35:21

Pleased to hear that you’ve had rain, but 42 degrees is a tad high for me.
Maybe the house smells musty because you don’t open any windows due to heat/air con?
I suspect that any bongs you heard wouldn’t be ‘live’ due to maintenance work in London. I also suspect that it wasn’t much to celebrate, we shall see!
When we visited family near Perth I was concerned about all the creepy crawlers and snakes that they had told me about and duly tipped my shoes over and shook them before I put them on, also inspected the bed before I got into it!
Needless to say we didn’t spot anything other than the flies.
Have a good night and a cool Sunday.

rafichagran Sat 01-Feb-20 16:02:23

Good afternoon Rufus, just got back from shopping. I am now watching footie with my partner.
Its lovely weather here in greater London , your 42 degrees is far to hot for me also.
Sleep well.

Buffybee Sat 01-Feb-20 16:19:56

G'day Rufus, hope you enjoyed your 2 hours of freedom (it sounds as though they have you in prison).
Is this on Doctors' orders, because of the heat?
I've just worked out that you must have been early forties when you left for Oz, how easy was it to find work and what did you do when you got there?
Keep cool.....soon be Winter.

DoraMarr Sat 01-Feb-20 16:43:14

The Big Ben bong was courtesy of a group called Led by Donkeys ( a reference to ordinary soldiers in, I think, the Crimean war.) it was a projection onto the tower, which is still covered in scaffolding.
It’s very windy here in Birmingham, but sunny and bright, and a walk to the park revealed snowdrops, catkins and daffodil shoots. Warming up with a cup of tea now while my grandson plays.