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Good Evening Sunday

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Rufus2 Sun 02-Feb-20 12:56:44

Good Evening everyone! Welcome smile! smile
Not a bad day; bit on the cool side 22C, but no more rain following yesterday's.
Welcome Oopsadaisy3 Haven't sighted a No.2 so far; grin
Our Air. Con is the evaporative type; sits on the roof with a fan drawing outside air through a set of water-soaked foam pads which is then distributed through the house via ceiling ducts, 7 in all. Very quiet, efficient and only a fan needing power. One requirement is that windows and doors must left slightly open to assist air flow. A thought struck me that the musty smell could be me! sad We've had resident sniffers on recently, claiming that old people smell, per se!

Buffy; THE Match is "live" hear at 3.30am! Not in prison yet; out on parole whilst they check my video pasting skills! hmm Early forties eh!? When was that? Yes, your arithmatic is spot on; all that training ; "One Taquila, Two Taquila, Three Taquila, Floor!
Worked for Aussie Co. in W London and offered full all costs paid transfer to Melb. lock stock and barrel, even MIL! hmm She lasted 6 months before returning to Windsor, but that's another story!
We all settled quickly; Vera slipped into medical sec work. again; both boys at school of course and my job continued "down under" Been retired nearly 29 years, the longest time I've held down a "job"! grin So being a stick-in- the- mud, the 49th anniv. of living in this house,our first and only home, is only 3 weeks away. shock
Oh dear ! Sorry; I got carried away there!
Dora I thought that"Big Ben Bong " must have been some sort of recording; very effective though! You should be playing with your grandson, that would warm you up, or can he be too boisterous?

Watched that 63up prog. on TV tonight and was comparing it with all the previous ones; there were plenty of flashbacks to assist. There so many emotions involved watching; I couldn't help reminiscing on my "story", not for comparison but just for the way it's panned out It's allowed at my "certain age" of course grin, but not being into morbid thoughts, I'll stick with "jollity"

Oopsadaisy3 Sun 02-Feb-20 14:17:25

Hi Rufus
Lazy day today, apart from a damp and windy walk with DDs dog this morning I’ve mostly been putting stuff away and closing cupboard doors before they spring open and the stuff flies out again, I must remember to warn DH about that.
49 years in one home! Wow, I’ve lasted 22 years mainly due to various ops and illnesses that prevented us moving at the time, now I honestly couldn’t cope with the stress and costs involved. Plus DH is really settled here, he says it should see us out!
Pleased that it’s cooler for you, what part of the U.K. are you from? Miss it?
Have a good day tomorrow

Megs36 Sun 02-Feb-20 14:29:21

Rufus, what an interesting life, we have relatives inNZ and now a grandson in OZ. We were never so adventurous Disney, Florida is about the farthest we traveled and then only for a fortnight,
Hope is all safe from fires still.

rafichagran Sun 02-Feb-20 14:42:15

Glad it is cooler for you. Partner and I are sitting watching football. Burnley V Arsenal.
I watched the 63 up programme as well, I was year younger than the people who appeared on the programme and some of what they said resonated with me.
Anyway going to start cooking roast lamb for dinner.
Sleep well and good night.

NfkDumpling Sun 02-Feb-20 16:22:16

Just recovering from an overnight flight back from our safari holiday in Uganda. And no, we didn't attempt to see the gorillas as it was far too strenuous for us.

But, from take off in Entebbe to walking in through our front door in deepest Norfolk (including a transfer in Amsterdam) was thirteen hours and ten minutes! Isn't that amazing!!

DoraMarr Sun 02-Feb-20 17:09:44

Rufus my grandson was here for 18 hours, and both of us needed some quiet time!

DoraMarr Sun 02-Feb-20 17:11:21

Oops! My grandson was here for 30 hours! See how tired I am, I can’t even do simple arithmetic!