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A bridge between Scotland and Northern Ireland

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NanKate Mon 10-Feb-20 20:26:13

Just read online the possibility of a bridge being constructed from Scotland to Northern Ireland.

What do you think the advantages/disadvantages would be ?

Cherrytree59 Mon 10-Feb-20 20:29:48

No sea sickness 🤑
Cheaper than flying.

notanan2 Mon 10-Feb-20 20:30:55

Even unionists are disillusioned with westminster and the recent elelection results in Ireland indicate that NI is looking more towards the republic and the EU than to mainland Britain going forward.

The mainland forgets NI until it has a use for it and goodwill has run out.

When even NI unionists are critical of westminster you know there is change/trouble ahead!

notanan2 Mon 10-Feb-20 20:33:34

If Scotland gets independance then it might become a more popular idea.

At the moment it is a half hearted token idea to pretend that Westminster cares about NI

LullyDully Mon 10-Feb-20 20:35:22

I would expect the charge for use to be quite high like the Sweden/ Denmark bridge.

Cherrytree59 Mon 10-Feb-20 20:41:45

And travel without the waiting at air or ferry ports.

Downside, I suppose would be that most of the uk would have a distance to travel to get to the bridge.
However that is also true for many who use the channel.

If and when the bridge is built, I would consider using it.
If I'm still around

I expect there will be a hefty Toll.

notanan2 Mon 10-Feb-20 20:42:15

I dont like air/ferry travel so would be happy to pay

But dont think it would happen until NI joins the republic and scotland gets independance. And it will be a link between the two leaving even littler britain out in the cold

annep1 Mon 10-Feb-20 21:08:07

I live in N I and there is no way I would travel that distance on a bridge over the sea.
The ferry journey is fine. Money could be better spent.

gillybob Mon 10-Feb-20 21:55:27

If they estimate £20bn it will be £40 billion . If they say £40 billion it will be £100 billion . Complete Madness .

annodomini Mon 10-Feb-20 22:06:13

The following link explains the proposal and the reasons why it is not feasible.

It wouldn't be the first time that money has been spent on a feasibility study for one of Johnson's crazy ideas. There was the garden bridge, the Thames Estuary Airport, the un-thought-out purchase of water canons. For a change, he might listen to experts before he commits our taxpayers' cash.

felice Mon 10-Feb-20 22:52:34

There are no tolls on bridges in Scotland ????
Has he thought to actually ask the Scottish and Irish People if they want this.
The closest point in Scotland is the Mull of Kintyre, has anyone even imagined the destruction and disruption building a crossing of that size would be.
Also interesting to find out what he intends to do with all the unstable WW11 ammunitions in the sea between the two countries.
Awnsers on a postcard to BoJo.

JenniferEccles Mon 10-Feb-20 22:58:38

Meanwhile HS2 is due to get the go ahead announcement tomorrow, and the cost of that has already increased threefold, even though it has barely started.

gillybob Mon 10-Feb-20 22:59:52

Exactly JenniferEccles

JenniferEccles Mon 10-Feb-20 23:08:14

I just don’t understand how any project, no matter how large, can be given the go ahead when the final cost is not known, especially if the cost is likely to be hugely higher than originally expected.

Grannytomany Mon 10-Feb-20 23:20:56

Utter madness. Echoes of the Garden Bridge fiasco.

merlotgran Mon 10-Feb-20 23:24:06

I'd be a lot happier if he'd build a bridge from Southsea to the Isle of Wight.

callgirl1 Tue 11-Feb-20 00:36:17

As Felice says, the shortest route would be from the Mull of Kintyre (12 miles), and it would be criminal to ruin the beautiful scenery with a bridge and all the mess that would be created in the building of it. So please, NO!

Coolgran65 Tue 11-Feb-20 00:48:38

I’m in NI and for as long as I can remember there has been talk of a bridge. Getting the cheapest ferry times it costs around £280 for a standard family car return journey.
Can’t see a bridge happening.

Davidhs Tue 11-Feb-20 08:26:00

Why would anyone want to build a bridge from Scotland to NI madness, technically difficult too. Water is deep, 800ft in places, most of it 400ft plus, 13 miles from Larne to Stranraer.
The distance of the mainland crossing point to major centers is a problem too, the unionists in NI want it I’m sure. Dont compare with the Oresund bridge the maximum water depth is 130 ft not 800ft.

JessK Tue 11-Feb-20 09:48:50

Not sure I would want to travel on a bridge that long especially in the weather we've been having these last few days. The Severn Bridge is bad enough in high winds!
I can see it's going to be another HS2 - a money pit.

Callistemon Tue 11-Feb-20 09:57:02

I thought I'd posted about that!
Are there two threads?

Yes, there have to be alternative routes if a bridge is to be shut for any length of time. The Severn Bridge is still shut as it's too windy to move the overturned lorry.

annep1 Tue 11-Feb-20 10:57:58

The proposed bridge would be 25 miles. Portpatrick to Larne. Definitely not for me. I don't know anyone who wants it. I'm in NI. Don't know anyone who doesn't think it's madness.

Mtc59 Tue 11-Feb-20 11:03:23

Good infrastructure in the north and also up the east coast has to be a priority, and dare I mention potholes?

Callistemon Tue 11-Feb-20 12:38:26

dare I mention potholes?
don't get me started!!