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Good Evening Tuesday

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Rufus2 Tue 11-Feb-20 13:18:01

Despite what I said on Saturday, this weather report isn't boring in that we, or rather NSW and Queensland are having flooding rains, "dry" rivers now overflowing, dams full and practically all fires out'
Shopping centres empty due to Chinese shoppers staying away!
Nurse Jacqui tells me hand-wash dispensers are becoming scarce because Chinese are buying up to send home! hmm

Yes thanks! Chish and Fips were very nice! "Breaking News"; frozen microwaveable chips are marvellous, especially the crinkly ones; "crisp" as claimed! grin
My 3.5L air fryer appears to be redundant and it's not yet out of it's box! [sad
Megs you can't hang on to the past in the face of progress!
My dear Vera was always hankering for WinXP and what is it now? 18 years past it's use-by date and open to all cyber nasties. Whereas, I've embraced them all; W95B, XP, Vista, 7, 98, 98.1 10. Now I must concentrate on taming 10 and so must you if you wish to keep your finger on the proverbial pulse. grin
The air seems to have been thick with "deletions" and "reports" lately, making it hard to keep up with what's going on; just like a secret society. " Not only must justice be done, but it must be seen to be done", as my Mother used to say! wink There must be a squad of specially trained enforcers
out there as the same names pop up each time! grin

I see last Sat. Man. City game has been postponed "tbd". Don't tell me it rained!? In M/C ? shock
Your floods looked very spectacular with W.Yorkshire copping more than its fair share
Us Oldies are off to the sea-side tomorrow, courtesy of the Council's "social inclusion" programme. There'll be three 15-seater buses and I'll bet there will be 98% ladies; could be interesting with Valentine's Day coming up! But I don't think I'll be throwing myself off the end of the pier, no matter how many "Get Lost"s I score, although some of the more sensitive ladies might just do that.! hmm
Anyway, its just ticked over into Wednesday so I must go and find my thongs in readiness! wink
Take care!

rafichagran Tue 11-Feb-20 13:28:40

Good afternoon, freezing cold here. Gone into local cafe for comfort food in my lunch hour, Its lovely. Have a good day everyone.

Rufus2 Tue 11-Feb-20 13:38:40

freezing cold here

Give me one guess as to where "here" is! Don't tell me you're a Scot too!? hmm
Take care and don't do a purler! Your bones are very fragile down there! grin

Squiffy Tue 11-Feb-20 14:20:51

Have a great day at the seaside Rufus. Hope it’s watm enough for a plodge! 😃

Squiffy Tue 11-Feb-20 14:21:16

Warm, not watm! 🙄

Megs36 Tue 11-Feb-20 15:53:51

Enjoy your day out and don’t wear your knitted cozzie when you go for a swim🤭

rafichagran Tue 11-Feb-20 18:52:05

Definatly not a Scott Rufus and dont usually feel the cold. I am in greater London. Have a great day at the seaside and behave.